2023-24 Graduate Catalog

Environmental Sciences

Students may pursue the Master of Arts, Master of Science and Master of Environmental Management.

Prerequisites for the MA/MS degrees: A bachelor's degree with a major in environmental science, biology, geology (or the equivalent) or a major in one of the other sciences, or engineering, or one of the social sciences. Students with undergraduate preparations different from these will be considered after careful review.

The student must have completed at least one year of biology, one semester of physical geology, one year of chemistry, one semester of calculus and one semester of introductory statistics. The GRE is not required. Any submitted GRE score is part of a holistic review of each application and official documents are required if scores are submitted for inclusion with the application.

Prerequisites for the MEM degree: The department accepts students with a variety of undergraduate majors, including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. However, in order to be adequately prepared for the required coursework, MEM applicants should have completed two semesters in any combination of biology, geology or chemistry; one semester of either calculus or introductory statistics; and one semester of upper-level ecology. Students lacking some of this preparation may be accepted for admission, but are expected to make up the deficiencies prior to entrance by means of formal coursework or other arrangements agreed upon by the applicant and the director.

Program of Study

Each student prepares an individual Program of Study (POS) designed specifically for the student's particular background and goals. The POS is prepared in consultation with the student's major professor and the director of the program.

Each student, regardless of the graduate degree selected, is also required to pass an oral examination based upon the chosen program of study.