2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Non-Traditional Student Award Programs

Responding to the needs of several types of part-time, adult and non-traditional students, TCU offers the following programs. Information and applications may be obtained by contacting the Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid, 817.257.7858. Students receiving assistance through these programs must maintain the standards set forth in the Undergraduate Student Financial Aid Statement of Satisfactory Academic Progress outlined elsewhere in catalog.

Personal/Professional Development Grant

Awards are available to qualified part-time, independent students at least 22 years of age. This first-come, first-serve grant is available to students who often do not qualify for other forms of financial assistance. With the exception of Pell Grants and educational loans, these grants may not be combined with other TCU-administered aid.

Alumni Half-Tuition

Persons with a TCU degree are eligible to take additional undergraduate courses, except for performance music, at half-tuition. Funds for this program are limited and some restrictions apply. A student may not be receiving tuition funds from any other source with the exception of educational loans and may not combine this award with other financial aid administered by TCU. A student concurrently enrolled in a graduate degree program at TCU may not combine this award with aid through a graduate department. Readmission to the University as a non-degree student is available through the Office of Extended Education. For admission as a degree-seeking student, contact the Office of Admission. This assistance is awarded on a funds and space-available basis to students who register on the second day of class.