2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog


Math is available as a major and a minor on both the BA and BS degrees.

Factors that determine a student's placement include:

  • High school credits presented;
  • Scores achieved in the SAT, ACT or other appropriate examination;
  • Performance in advanced placement examinations. Advanced placement, with credit, is available for MATH 10054, MATH 10524 and MATH 20524.

Students majoring in business ordinarily select from a MATH 10273 / MATH 10283 or a MATH 10054 / MATH 10524 sequence.

Credit will not be given for both MATH 10273 and MATH 10054, or for both MATH 10283 and MATH 10524.

The hours requirement of the mathematics majors and minors may be reduced with department permission if the student transfers credit for a course equivalent to a TCU Mathematics course taken at a college or university that awards fewer credits for the course than does TCU. For example, if the student is awarded transfer credit for Math 10524 from a college or university that awards 3 credit hours, then the department may allow a corresponding 1-hour reduction to the total posted required hours for the major or minor. At the department’s discretion, such reductions may be accumulated to account for multiple transfer courses.

Honors College

Mathematics majors who plan to pursue Departmental Honors must earn a BS and be members of the Honors College. A minimum 3.5 GPA in the major is required. Students must pass MATH 40000 with a C- or better. MATH 30000 is recommended. Departmental Honors further require satisfactory presentation of thesis results to faculty.

Pass/No-Credit Option

See the Bachelor's Degree Definitions and Regulations in the Bachelor's Degree section of the University requirements.

Up to (but no more than) 3 hours earned in elective courses that are offered only on a pass/no-credit basis may be applied to meet major or minor requirements within the College of Science & Engineering. Additional hours in such courses may be used as free electives or for majors or minors in other colleges (as permitted by those colleges).


Mathematics Affiliations

TCU is an institutional member of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America. The department holds a charter for Texas Alpha Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, a national mathematics honor society, and the Gamma Xi Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma, an international professional fraternity organized to promote, encourage, and sustain

student interest in insurance, risk management, and actuarial science as professions.