2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

College of Education

The mission of the College of Education at TCU is to prepare exemplary leaders for diverse educational settings and related fields who are reflective, ethical, innovative and committed to all learners. As professionals and active citizens in the community, the college strives to create a humane and just society in which all individuals can develop their full potential. The college is governed by an ethical code that documents its obligations to students, colleagues and the community. This code includes rationality and objectivity in professional judgments and actions, civility and caring in interactions with others, and encouragement of diverse views on issues of significance to society.

For the Teacher Education Program and in alignment with the above values, the college’s core beliefs incorporate a connection between a strong foundational knowledge base with professional practice. Professionals in education study and expand the knowledge base of effective practice and ground their teaching practice in theory and research acquiring expertise through activities in diverse, field-based settings, which are exemplars of practice. They also promote high student achievement and a passion for learning by:

  • Mastering content knowledge and effective pedagogical skills;
  • Using multiple strategies, resources and technologies to plan, implement and assess instruction and document effectiveness with students; and
  • Synthesizing knowledge from relevant, academically diverse perspectives and a variety of theoretical orientations and approaches.

In addition, teacher education professionals provide service and leadership in diverse settings, ranging from local to global communities; seek to improve professional settings and society; and collaborate with representatives from various groups within and outside the educational community.

For undergraduate programs which do not lead to teacher certification, the college’s core commitment to prepare professionals who are reflective, ethical and innovative in their efforts to create a humane and just society is evident throughout program coursework and experiences.