2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Bob Schieffer College of Communication Degrees

The Schieffer College of Communication offers both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours, 42 of which must be advanced (30000 level or above) from TCU, with a major and a minor selected from the approved list of majors and minors. The number of hours required for the major and minor can be found in the appropriate section of this catalog. In addition, students must complete the TCU Core Curriculum.

All students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication must demonstrate competency in a foreign language equivalent to completion of one of the following:

Foreign Language Requirement:

Complete one of the following

ARAB 20063Intermediate Arabic II


CHIN 20063Intermediate Chinese II


FREN 20063Fourth Semester College French


GRMN 20063Intermediate German


GREE 20063Fourth Semester College Greek (Hellenistic)


ITAL 20063Fourth Semester College Italian


JAPN 20063Fourth Semester College Japanese


SPAN 20203Intermediate Spanish 2


SPAN 20213Intensive Intermediate Spanish 2


This requirement can be met either by satisfactory completion of coursework taken at or transferred to TCU or by presenting satisfactory scores on recognized standardized tests (AP, CLEP or SAT II). Required scores on standardized tests are in the Credit by Exam booklet available from the Office of Admission. For languages not currently taught at TCU, 6 semester hours at the sophomore level, transferred from another accredited institution, may be used to satisfy this requirement. Students may also provide evidence of competency in the non-English language by successfully completing one academic year in a secondary or post-secondary institution in which the language of instruction is other than English, for which the student will receive 12 credit hours.

Multiple Majors, Minors and/or Degrees

Students may concurrently pursue more than one of the degrees, majors or minors offered by the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. However, students must complete all required courses and overall hours for each of those majors and minors, and no course from one major or minor can be counted toward the other major or minor including, courses specified in the core curriculum as particular to that degree and major.

Students who pursue an additional major in another college, if additional majors are permitted in that college, must complete all degree requirements for each major, including courses specified in the core curriculum as particular to each degree and major.

Students outside the Schieffer College of Communication whose home college permits an additional major in the College must complete all degree requirements for the additional major, including courses specified in the core curriculum for that particular degree and major.

Double degrees, when at least one is in the Schieffer College require a minor to be completed as part of the degree requirements, as approved by the Schieffer College dean's office.

Transfer Credit

Students wishing to take courses at another institution, following their admission to TCU, must secure approval through the Office of the Dean of the College of Communication before enrolling. The College of Communication adheres to University policy regarding transfer credit.

Pass/No-Credit Policy

Students may take up to two courses (8 hours maximum) on a pass/no-credit basis (P/NC). No course applied to the student's major, minor or associated requirements may be taken P/NC. Courses offered only with the P/NC grade will not be counted toward this limit on the number of P/NC hours. Prior work will count.

Requirements for Graduation

The Intent to Graduate form, available online and from the Office of the Dean, should be filed when 84 hours of course credit have been completed. The form can be found at https://schieffercollege.tcu.edu/intent-to-graduate-form/

Approval of the department chair and associate dean is required in contract form for all non-traditional courses (special problems, independent study, research problems, etc.). Per University policy, students wishing to pursue independent study must receive all approvals at least one semester in advance of the semester in which the independent study will occur.

Beyond the studies specified for each major, the bachelor's degree is built on the TCU Core Curriculum that applies to all University graduates.