2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Bachelor of General Communication

A program leading to a Bachelor of General Communication degree is available for students whose educational goals might not be realized by traditional majors within the Schieffer College of Communication.


The Bachelor of General Communication requires:

  1. PRIMARY EMPHASIS: At least 30 hours of primary coursework in the Schieffer College (e.g., COMM, FTDM, JOUR, or STCO prefixes) (at least 21 hours taken at TCU) with a C- or higher, with at least 18 hours in one department. (Note: student is responsible for applicable prerequisites), and at least 9 hours at the upper level.
  2. SECONDARY EMPHASIS: An additional minimum 18 hours of coursework as either a minor or an area of emphasis. If the minor or area of emphasis is in the Schieffer College, those hours cannot also count towards the primary emphasis.
  3. Satisfaction of all other TCU Bachelor degree requirements.
  4. Approval of the Schieffer College Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and not declared any sooner than when 75 undergraduate hours are completed.