2023-24 Graduate Catalog

Financial Aid

Graduate assistantships are opportunities for TCU graduate students to advance their studies and careers through meaningful contributions to the academic mission of the University. Graduate assistants participate in TCU’s Teacher-Scholar Model by working closely with faculty and staff while supporting the administrative infrastructure; generating new knowledge, creative activities and artifacts through scholarly endeavors; and teaching undergraduate students, either as teaching assistants or instructors of record. Assistantships provide financial aid to graduate students while fostering mentorships between students and committed TCU faculty and staff, who benefit from student involvement in their own teaching, research and creative activities.

TCU’s Academic Engagement points are centered on the Teacher-Scholar and Student-Scholar models. As graduate students are in transition between these models, it is expected that students may hold various assistantships during their graduate career. If a student is awarded an assistantship, hiring for additional, concurrent positions such as a TA/RA assignment must be approved through the Office of Graduate Studies and will be added onto the current assistantship. This ensures students are committed to no more than the maximum allowed 27 hours per week without special permission from the dean of graduate studies. During the academic year, international students may work no more than 20 hours per week in assistantship duties, per visa requirements. Awards and assignments will be determined by each graduate program, and the awarding unit may require that awardees maintain full-time status.

Outside employment for students holding financial awards carrying stipends is allowed.  However, we ask that you receive counsel regarding how outside employment may impact your success in the program from the program director and the dean of the appropriate graduate program prior to accepting outside employment opportunities.  Also, prior approval to obtain any additional internal (TCU) employment opportunities may be required in order to ensure compliance with institutional policies and regulations.

The University recognizes six types of graduate financial awards. The following categories provide partial or whole tuition awards and often include a stipend that will be divided over the length of the appointment, usually nine or 12 months. Stipend amounts are determined by the head of the graduate program or other awarding unit.