2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Business Administration Bachelor's Degree Program


To declare a business major, all pre-business students must formally apply for admission to upper-division business courses. Students typically apply in their sophomore year for admission to upper-level courses (most 30000-level or above) in their junior year. All TCU students (not previously admitted to TCU as pre-business) or students transferring to TCU who wish to become pre-business students or business majors must contact the Neeley Academic Advising Center regarding admission policies, procedures and deadlines. Admission is competitive, limited and not guaranteed.

  1. Declaring Majors. All students wishing to become business majors should first be admitted to TCU and the Neeley School as pre-business students. Students remain pre-business students until being formally admitted to a specific business major and upper-division courses. Before taking upper-division (most 30000 level or above) business courses, all pre-business students must complete the lower-division sequence requirements as outlined under Neeley School Requirements.
    • Majors Offered. After being admitted to upper-division courses, students may then select one or more of the functional area majors: accounting, business information systems, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance (or finance with a real estate concentration), management, marketing, or supply and value chain management. Contact the Neeley Academic Advising Center for policies and procedures regarding declaration of major(s).
    • Declaring an Emphasis. Select business students may also complement their major in any business discipline by completing the BNSF Neeley Leadership Program. Each program provides a structure to recognize students who have achieved a unique combination of experience and academic coursework. A special designation is placed on the transcript of those students successfully completing the requirements of the emphasis.
    • Major Change to Business. Current TCU students who wish to change their major to business (internal transfer students) must formally apply to the Neeley School to become a business major. Admission is limited, competitive and not guaranteed. Change of major requests are reviewed once per academic year, typically at the end of the spring semester with applications due by end of April. A student with a GPA of less than 3.25 is unlikely to be admitted. Internal transfer students who are accepted as pre-business must meet all of the additional Neeley School admission requirements to be considered for advancement to upper-division business courses. Contact the Neeley Academic Advising Center regarding policies, procedures, and deadlines.
    • Transfer Students. The TCU Office of Admission makes the decisions on all transfer applicants. Students seeking to transfer to TCU from another institution should indicate business as their primary area of interest on the admission application. To be considered for admission as a pre-business transfer student from a four-year university, students should have at least a 3.0 transfer GPA. Community college transfer applicants should have a minimum 3.25 transfer GPA to be considered. Transfer students admitted as pre-business must meet additional requirements to advance to upper-division courses.
    • TCU Cumulative GPA of 2.50 Required for Graduation. A TCU cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 is required for graduation with a BBA degree. Any business major whose GPA falls below 2.50 must appeal to the associate dean of the Neeley School to graduate.