2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

TCU Parent and Family Programs

TCU Parent and Family Programs benefit parents and guardians in numerous ways:

  • Assist parents in the transitional experiences related to beginning college
  • Provide resource information to keep parents informed about and involved with the University
  • Provide support for University programs and activities
  • Create a partnership between families and the University

These goals are met through presentations to prospective parents, parents attending Orientation, a website, a Facebook page and personal contact through emails and phone calls.

TCU Parent Council

Started in 1986, the TCU Parent Council involves approximately 50 families that meet on campus twice annually to discuss issues surrounding academic and co-curricular activities at TCU. In addition to receiving information, the parents provide feedback to administrators, serve as ambassadors to parents within their own communities and assist with University initiatives.

TCU Parents Association

The TCU Parents Association is open to parents and guardians of all TCU students. It acts as a resource to inform, connect, engage, and empower parents to support the successful development of all TCU students and to affirm the mission of the University. Parents are encouraged to join the parent-run Parents Association either through a donation or by getting involved. Parents may also connect with other TCU parents by joining the TCU Parents Association Facebook page. Information about these programs and other resources may be found at sds.tcu.edu/parent.family/.