2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

TCU Leadership Center

The TCU Leadership Center offers a wide variety of leadership programs to meet the diverse needs of today's students while being comprehensive enough to ensure a thorough exposure to leadership development, concepts and experiences.

The TCU Leadership Center seeks to connect students with learning opportunities to grow in their own leadership style and skill set. Students may take advantage of several programs through the TCU Leadership Center, including Connections, Chancellor's Leadership Program, TCU Leadership Summit, Leadership Scholars Program, Lead NOW (Network of Women), Emerging Leaders, LeaderKids, the StrengthsQuest assessment, and Celebration of University Leadership.

The objectives of the programs and opportunities are to help students:


  • identify and describe multiple leadership techniques, theories and models
  • articulate a coherent leadership style and philosophy
  • understand ethical decision-making processes and effective ways of working within teams
  • explore their competence with regards to the dimensions of difference and its impact on leadership processes
  • demonstrate application of leadership knowledge, skills and talents in diverse settings
  • describe strategies to apply personal leadership style to facilitate positive change