2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Alcohol and Drug Education

Co-located with the Counseling and Mental Health Center, the TCU Alcohol and Drug Education (ADE) Program is based on a philosophy of student development and seeks to promote healthy lifestyle choices and responsible decision-making through programs, training and alternative activities.

The goals of ADE:

  • Enhance the academic mission of the University by providing preventive programs to help ensure that the use and/or abuse of alcohol and other drugs does not interfere with academic goal attainment.
  • Collaborate with other departments in Student Affairs, Athletics and Academic Affairs to provide opportunities for students to positively influence the campus community.
  • Enhance student responsibility to self, others and the world by assisting individuals in making responsible and ethical decisions regarding alcohol and other drugs.
  • Provide support for students in recovery and seeking recovery from substance use disorders by providing a genuine and thriving college experience through the Collegiate Recovery Community.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of Alcohol and Drug Education programs on campus, and help establish University-wide educational initiatives.

The ADE staff include licensed counselors and graduate assistants who provide individual intervention and recovery support as well as educational presentations at the request of student organizations, residence halls, fraternity and sorority groups, student-athletes and academic classes.

Students should refer to the University’s alcohol and drug policy in the Student Handbook regarding procedures and consequences of violation of policy.

Those interested in services through the ADE Program are encouraged to stop by the office on the second level of Jarvis Hall,; visit the website at www.ade.tcu.edu or call 817.257.7100.