2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Named Lectureships

The following named lectureships, either annually funded or endowed, have been established:

Robert D. Alexander Endowment for the Liberal Arts was provided by the Robert D. and Catherine R. Alexander Foundation and enables the AddRan College of Liberal Arts to support a biennial lecture series that explores the relevance of a liberal arts education and its role in contemporary society.

Jane and Pat Bolin Innovation Speaker Forum was established by Jane and Pat Bolin to introduce transformational business leaders and their ideas to audiences on campus.

The Kenneth W. Davis, Jr. Endowed Lectureship at Texas Christian University was established by the generosity of Kenneth W. Davis, Jr. It welcomes distinguished speakers who promote energy-related dialogue and enhance our understanding of energy-related issues.

Earl E. Dyess Lectureship in Marketing was established by Jack Blanton, Jr. in honor of his father-in-law.

Florsheim Family Lecture Series in Ethics was established in 2010 by Charles Florsheim ’71, Ann Florsheim ’71, Charles C. Florsheim ’00, Sarah Florsheim ’01 and Claire Florsheim ’05. The lecture series examines contemporary moral issues.

Fogelson Honors Forum was established through a gift from the estates of Buddy Fogelson and his wife Greer Garson. The forum brings renowned speakers, eminent scholars and professional practitioners to campus to address TCU students, staff and faculty as well as the Fort Worth-Dallas community.

Frost Foundation Lectureship for Global Issues was established by the Denver-based Frost Foundation. This endowed initiative provides lectures and programs addressing global concerns, offering innovative, creative, practical solutions to global issues, and inspiring the TCU community to live and work ethically and responsibly in the global society.

The Gates of Chai Lectureship was endowed through the generosity of Gates of Chai, Inc., in memory of Larry Kornbleet and family members of Stanley and Marcia Kornbleet Kurtz who perished in the Holocaust.

Geography Department Endowed Speaker Program was established in 2011 to enable the Department of History and Geography to welcome guest speakers who give lectures on various geographic topics.

Gorvetzian Family Fund for Communication Studies was established in 2013 by Ken and Lori Gorvetzian to create a speaker series for the Department of Communication Studies.

JoAnn Houston Outstanding Contemporary Thinkers Lecture Series honors JoAnn Houston, a College of Education staff member and longtime educator who died in 1995. Memorial gifts from family and friends and additional funding by the University established this endowed lecture series. The College of Education coordinates bringing to campus outstanding educational thinkers on contemporary concerns.

The McFadin Lectures are supported annually from the McFadin Fund.

Ronald E. Moore Humanities Symposium is funded by an endowment that was established in 2007 by Ronald E. Moore ’65. The symposium series is directed within the AddRan College of Liberal Arts and features an array of humanities-related discussions.

Joseph Morgan Physics Lectureship is funded by the generosity of alumni and friends of the Department of Physics at TCU. It was created in memory of Dr. Joseph Morgan, an honored teacher and noted author who drew regional and national attention to the University.

W.F. "Tex" and Pauline Curry Rankin Lectureship in Nursing was established in 1998. This endowed lectureship brings to campus national leaders in interdisciplinary areas related to health and nursing.

Ruth Evelyn Sanders Memorial Lectureship was established in 1994 through a bequest gift by Dr. Ruth Evelyn Sanders '39 and longtime educator. A chemistry major at TCU, Dr. Sanders directed that her gift establish a lectureship in that discipline.

The Oreon E. Scott Lectures, funded by the Oreon E. Scott Foundation, provide for an outstanding lecturer on "Crucial Current, National and International Issues from the Christian Point of View."

Nancy Quarles Stuck Art History Lecture Fund was established by Mrs. Hosmer B. Stuck of Fort Worth. One of TCU's first recipients of a bachelor's degree in art history, Nancy Stuck directed her gift to that discipline. The fund helps expand the scope of the Art History Program.

The Wells Sermons are financed by the East Dallas Christian Church honoring its former minister, Dr. L.N.D. Wells.

Jim Wright Symposium Endowment was created to support an annual symposium that examines, from a nonpartisan and non-ideological perspective, a contemporary political issue. Outstanding scholars and practitioners from around the country are brought to the TCU campus to participate in this one- or two-day event.