2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

EDUC 30043 Natural Outdoor learning and Wellness

Natural Outdoor Learning and Wellness is a comprehensive overview and introduction to the various approaches educators, healthcare providers, and parents can use to create connections between their classrooms, content areas, or clinical setting and the outdoors. This course will address the benefits of outdoor education to the individual, including health/wellness, the role of outdoors in human development, and lifelong learning and personal growth. We will also discuss the benefits of outdoor education, including public outdoor spaces and education initiatives, to the community and society. Finally, this course will cover the foundations of outdoor education, such as the history, philosophies, and theoretical frameworks. The aforementioned concepts will be threads throughout the following topics: School-based outdoor initiatives (e.g., garden education, outdoor programs, and natural outdoor classrooms); community-based outdoor initiatives (e.g., nature centers, state and national parks, trails, and outdoor spaces); and extended outdoor experiences (e.g., outdoor leadership training, camps, and scouting).