2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

EDSE 55313 Assessment

Prerequisites: Admission to the Teacher Education Program, EDMS 30123, EDMS 30113, EDMS 30603, EDMS 40213, and Content Area Methods course(s), and co-requisite EDMS 41151. This course provides students with a foundation for understanding the basic concepts and procedures of educational assessment and evaluation as they pertain to teaching in the middle/secondary classroom and informing instruction. Both formal and informal methods of gathering educational information and monitoring learners' progress will be integral parts of this course. Students will learn how to develop appropriate assessments; interpret assessment information for educational program planning; provide timely, high-quality feedback; respond flexibly to promote learning for all learners, including second language learners and students with disabilities; and communicate assessment information to parents and other professionals. (Offered as EDMS or EDSE credit.)