2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Education Centers, Institutes and Laboratory Schools

Center for Public Education

The Center for Education considers education a civil and human right, a public good, and both a process and a goal. Through education young people develop opportunities and civic competence. Many of society’s problems (poverty, disenfranchisement, discrimination) manifest themselves in public schools. In the past these issues were most present in urban school settings, but they are now also found in suburban and rural areas. TCU’s Center for Public Education seeks to understand the complexity of public education at the system level and build connections with individual schools. Initiatives include:


  • Aspiring Teacher’s Program. Recruits high school students from underrepresented groups into the teaching profession.
  • Anti-bullying and anti-bias workshop for TCU student teachers.
  • College Advising Corps. Seeks to increase the number of low-income, first-generation and underrepresented Texas high school students earning a degree in the TCU College of Education.

Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education

The Andrews Institute of Mathematics and Science Education is a leader in the exploration, discovery, and application of innovative and effective approaches to mathematics and science education. We work cooperatively with the College of Education and College of Science & Engineering in our quest to serve the educational needs of faculty and students. We support and conduct research in mathematics and science education; prepare TCU mathematics and science education majors to be reflective, ethical, and innovative teachers committed to all learners; and recruit and support mathematics and science educators beyond our campus. We hope these efforts will inspire people, especially those hitherto underrepresented, to choose careers in these disciplines. By embracing diverse viewpoints, methodologies,  and populations, and outreach to the educational and general community alike, we believe that teaching and learning are made more accessible, relevant and effective; and that, through the expansion of mathematics and science literacy, society will be well served.   

Alice Neeley Special Education Research and Service Institute

The Alice Neeley Special Education Research and Service (ANSERS) Institute provides an environment for innovation and change in special education through exemplary teaching, creative research, and community outreach. The ANSERS Institute works in conjunction with the TCU laboratory schools – Starpoint and KinderFrogs – to create and coordinate activities, programs and research in special education.

The mission of the ANSERS Institute is to transform the quality of life and learning for students with disabilities and their families through evidence-based research and practice.

The ANSERS Institute's mission is carried out through the following four goals:

  • Enhance the educational experience of TCU students who will become effective and ethical educators in the field of special education.
  • Conduct research that will better meet the needs of children with disabilities and contribute to development of evidence-based practices in special education.
  • Sponsor and participate in community outreach to enhance the inclusion of children and youth with disabilities and their families in school and community-based activities.
  • Engage in advocacy activities to support and promote the development and delivery of exceptional services to children with disabilities.

Starpoint and KinderFrogs Schools

The Laboratory Schools, Starpoint and KinderFrogs, in the College of Education at Texas Christian University provide opportunities for TCU students in the fields of education, kinesiology, nursing, speech and language, and child development to engage in teaching, research and applied practice. The overarching goal of the Laboratory Schools is to provide an innovative learning environment for children with learning challenges and to inform the field of special education through research and innovative practices.

Starpoint School is an individualized academic program for children ages 6 to 12 with learning differences, which is committed to the ideal that all children can learn. Through innovative programming, children learn to compensate for their learning difficulties, build on their own strengths, develop a positive attitude about school and learning, and perform to the best of their capabilities as life-long learners.

KinderFrogs is a family-focused, early-intervention program that provides a developmentally appropriate educational environment for children with Down syndrome and other developmental delays. Through innovative programming, KinderFrogs School prepares children for success and independence in inclusive school and community settings.