2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

William H. Koehler Center for Instruction, Innovation and Engagement

Mission Statement

The Koehler Center is dedicated to facilitating ongoing, reflective discourse on instruction and learning through engagement with instructional staff, departments/units and administration. The Koehler Center strives to meet the challenges of integrating innovative instructional/learning methodologies and technologies to promote exceptional learning.


The Koehler Center supports teaching and learning at TCU. The resources and activities of the Koehler Center are focused on responding to the present needs of instructors, as well as on keeping the TCU community informed of new educational possibilities created by the continuing development of pedagogical theories, teaching practices and technologies.

Confidentiality Statement

The Koehler Center maintains the confidentiality of individual faculty or groups of faculty with whom we work, mindful that our faculty voluntarily engage our services in order to enhance and enrich teaching and learning at TCU.

The Koehler Center is located in the Sid Richardson Building, Suite 501, located between Tucker Technology Center and Winton Scott Building on Bowie Street. For more information, refer to the Koehler Center's website at www.cte.tcu.edu or call 817.257.7434.