2020-21 Graduate Catalog

Psychology, MA

Non-Thesis Requirements

The Master of Arts in Psychology (i.e. non-thesis option) requires 36 hours of graduate coursework, including:

At least one of the following:

PSYC 50213Interactive Data Analysis


PSYC 50523Analysis of Variance


PSYC 60623Regression Analysis


Approved Electives


A grade less than a "B-" is considered failing within the department and can result in two consequences. First, the course will not count toward the MA degree and may be required to be repeated. Second, the failing grade may result in dismissal from the graduate program. If a student makes two grades of less than a "B-" in either the same or two different courses, the student may automatically be dismissed from the program. The department will also recommend that financial support be withdrawn, if applicable. Thesis hours (PSYC 70980 and PSYC 70990) cannot count toward the MA degree.