2021-22 Graduate Catalog

Environmental Science, MA

Requirements (Non-Thesis)

The Master of Arts in Environmental Science requires at least 36 semester hours made up as follows:

Required Courses (9 semester hours)

ENSC 50703Environmental Compliance


ENSC 50693Natural Resources Compliance


BIOL 60001Scientific Presentation



ENSC 60001Environmental Presentations


ENSC 60011Literacy of Science Review


ENSC 60021Oral Examination


ENSC 60203Environmental Issues


BIOL 60001 if major advisor is BIOL

ENSC 60001 if major advisor is ENSC or GEOL

Electives (24-27 semester hours)

The electives are selected in consultation with the director of the program. At least 21 hours of electives must be ENSC, BIOL or GEOL courses. Students may count up to 6 hours of Applied Projects (ENSC 50003) toward their electives, though further Applied Projects hours may be taken with the approval of the director of the program. Each student also prepares an individual Program of Study (POS) in consultation with the director of the program.

Elective Internship (3 semester hours)

Students may complete an approved internship with a company, government agency or national laboratory. Three credit hours may count toward their degree plan through the internship. The purpose of the internship program is to train and equip students for future careers as environmental professionals. It provides the opportunity for students to experience first-hand actual environmental challenges in government, industry, public interest groups and scientific research organizations. The program reaches beyond the campus to provide practical experience individually tailored to each student's academic goals and capabilities. Part-time students who already work in their area of study may fulfill the internship requirement by working on a special project with their current employer. All projects require a brief proposal and approval from the program director. At the conclusion of this internship, students must present a summary of their internship project(s) in both oral and written form.