2020-21 Graduate Catalog

College of Science & Engineering

The College of Science & Engineering includes eleven departments:


Chemistry & Biochemistry

Computer Science


Environmental Sciences

Geological Sciences


Nutritional Sciences

Physics & Astronomy


Ranch Management

The college offers graduate study for master's and doctoral degrees in several areas. Master of Arts degrees are available in biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics and psychology. Master of Science degrees are offered in biology, chemistry, developmental trauma, dietetics, environmental science, geology, mathematics, physics and psychology. A Master of Arts in Teaching is available in mathematics. A Master of Environmental Management is available in environmental science. A certificate program is available from  ranch management. The Ph.D. is available in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and psychology.

Program descriptions and information concerning admission and degree requirements are presented in departmental and program listings. Detailed information about the application for admission process can be found at: https://cse.tcu.edu/academics/graduate-programs.php

Administrative offices for the College of Science & Engineering are located on the first floor of the Tucker Technology Center (Suite 102). Tucker also houses the departmental offices of computer science, engineering and mathematics. Chemistry & biochemistry, environmental sciences, geological sciences, and physics & astronomy are located in the Sid W. Richardson Building. Departmental offices for biology and psychology are in Winton-Scott Hall. Nutritional Sciences is located in the Annie Richardson Bass Building. Ranch Management offices are in the Ranch Management Building.