2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Campus ID Card

The TCU ID card is a student’s access key to many University resources. It is permanent and may be used as long as the student is enrolled at TCU. The card is the property of TCU and is non-transferable. If at any time students have questions or problems with their ID card, visit www.idcenter.tcu.edu, contact the ID Card Center in Brown-Lupton University Union at 817.257.7856 or email IDCenter@tcu.edu.

The TCU ID card is a computerized plastic card, bearing a student’s photo and TCU ID number, with a magnetic stripe on the back. Each time the card is inserted in a card reader, the data encoded in the magnetic stripe is electronically scanned and sent back to a central computer for verification. The system then transmits whether the card is valid and the transaction accepted. Students use their ID cards to access dining funds, residence halls and athletic events. ID cards may also be used to charge concessions at athletic events, items from vending machines, purchases at the bookstore, photocopies in the library and Frog Prints Printing Services, computer printouts from the Information Commons and other public computers across campus. It is also used to verify identity if requested by a TCU official.

Card owners are responsible for reporting lost or stolen cards promptly to ensure that no one else uses your card. Card owners can deactivate a lost or stolen card online. Simply log into my.tcu.edu, click on "Helpful Links" click on "Frog Bucks" accept and submit and then "Report A Card Lost." Students can reactivate a found card at the same location. Lost or stolen cards may also be reported to the ID Card Center in the Brown-Lupton University Union, Room 2033, 817.257.7856, or TCU Police 817.257.7777. Until a card is reported lost or stolen you are responsible for any card purchases. There is a replacement charge of $20 for a lost or stolen card.

The ID card remains the property of TCU at all times, and any misuse of the card could result in loss of privileges or disciplinary action. ID cards should be in a student's possession at all times and must be surrendered upon the request of any University official.