2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Center for Instructional Services (Instructional Technology)

The successful integration of instructional technology into the teaching and learning environment is essential in today's classroom. The mission of the Center for Instructional Services is to provide Texas Christian University with a variety of cost-effective solutions in the appropriate integration and utilization of instructional technologies in a diverse academic environment.

  • Classroom Instructional Technology Services provides assistance to faculty in the operation of classroom technology. Our focus includes the design, installation and maintenance of classroom technology equipment as well as providing equipment for checkout. Training and orientation in the proper utilization of classroom technology systems is available.
  • Media Production Services provides a diverse range of services in video, audio, graphic, photographic and digital production formats to facilitate the effective use of multimedia. Assistance is provided in the planning, design and production of professional presentation materials for academic use.

The Center for Instructional Services is located between the Tucker Technology Center and Annie Richardson Bass Building on Bowie Street. For more information, refer to the center's website, www.cis.tcu.edu, or call 817.257.7121.