2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

TCU Transitions

TCU Transitions is an interdisciplinary and collaborative venture aimed at addressing dimensions and developmental growth of students throughout the college experience, from admission to graduation.

TCU Transitions identifies and coordinates activities, resources and programs that address one of three periods during the undergraduate experience: the first-year experience, the sophomore and junior year experience, the senior year experience and TCU Transitions aims to:

  • Foster identity and vocational development
  • Promote class year identity
  • Cultivate autonomy and decision-making congruent with one’s values
  • Create the understanding that community is built and sustained through developing of a sense of personal and social responsibility.

In addition, each class designated by its graduation year is assigned a class dean who remains with the class through the four years of the traditional college experience. The class dean serves as a point of contact for all members of the class. When a student does not know where to go or who to contact about anything in the TCU experience, the class dean is ready to help. The class dean also posts on Facebook to update an entire class on services, programs and activities especially relevant to particular interests and transitional needs.