2015-2016 Graduate Catalog

About TCU

Texas Christian University offers graduate education in numerous fields, ranging from the highly abstract to the applied and professional. Because graduate education should be a broadening experience as well as a deepening of knowledge gained from undergraduate programs, the University offers students many options for their graduate studies. But there is a common thread running through all programs-a commitment to excellence, to the highest standards of scholarship in the disciplines and professions represented in the University.

TCU affords its graduate students many advantages: an excellent library; many outstanding research facilities and laboratories; broad-based computer services; an excellent atmosphere for learning; and, most importantly, the opportunity to study with an outstanding and dedicated faculty, many of whom are scholars of national and international reputation. In all of its graduate programs, TCU seeks to foster teaching, learning and research of the highest quality.

For applications and online information about graduate programs at TCU, see www.graduate.tcu.edu.