2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Ranch Management Certificate

Admission to the Certificate Program

Applicants meeting academic enrollment criteria should have sufficient working experience in agriculture to understand the nature of the industry. Basic knowledge and experience with farming or ranching enables the students to benefit more from the course of study. Enrollment is limited. Selection to the program is made after completion of the application, including transcripts and a professional interview. For information or to request an application, call (817) 257-7145 or write to:

Director, Ranch Management Program

Texas Christian University

TCU Box 297420

Fort Worth, TX 76129

Email: ranching@tcu.edu


The ranch management certificate program requires two consecutive semesters to complete. Intensive classroom instruction in basic management principles complement courses in livestock production, natural resource conservation, forage production and accounting principles. Fieldwork is coordinated with classroom study to demonstrate principles as they apply in production situations.

Classes are offered in three-hour units to allow concentration of subject matter and to facilitate field work. Classes meet Monday through Friday for six hours per day. Class hours may vary when fieldwork requires additional travel time.

Basic vocational skills are taught that require physical mobility and manual dexterity. Field work includes five week-long trips and numerous day trips. No other courses may be taken during the year. The two-semester program leads to 35 hours of credit and a ranch management certificate. No RAMA course may be repeated.

Required Courses for Certificate in Ranch Management

Fall Semester (17 hours)

RAMA 30102Ranch Operations and Development


RAMA 30403Soil and Water Conservation


RAMA 40103Beef Cattle Production


RAMA 40303Animal Health Management


RAMA 50503Range Management


RAMA 50603Ranch Records and Finance


Spring Semester (18 hours)

RAMA 30703Animal Nutrition and Feeding


RAMA 40101Management Plan Capstone Course


RAMA 40112Sheep and Goat Production


RAMA 40313Animal Health and Reproduction


RAMA 40903Forage Production and Use


RAMA 50213Ranch Business Management


RAMA 50803Marketing of Livestock and Meats


*RAMA 40101, Management Plan Capstone Course must be successfully completed with the grade of C or higher in order to earn the BS Degree/Certificate and/or Minor in Ranch management.