2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

All Level Teacher Certification

All-level certification enables students to teach in grades EC-12. Majors include art, music, deaf and hard of hearing, and physical education. All-level certification students follow the same sequence of education courses as secondary certification students with the exception of student teaching. All-level certification students complete student teaching in the elementary and secondary schools. Students should contact the certification officer in the College of Education to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program

The professional development courses that must be taken in education are as follows:

EDUC 30143Child and Adolescent Development


EDUC 30123Educational Psychology


EDUC 30603Study of Exceptional Students


EDUC 40213Promoting Literacy in the Content Areas


EDUC 41113Schools, Curriculum, and Society


EDUC 50023Effective Teaching and Classroom Implementation


EDUC 30001Professional Practice Seminar


EDUC 40966All Level Student Teaching


EDUC 50023 is not required for Art Education, Physical Education, and Music Education majors.

EDUC 30001 must be taken the semester prior to student teaching.