2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Pre-Ranch Management

Students admitted to TCU as pre-ranch management must complete the following to advance to the ranch management major:
• Have sufficient working experience in agriculture to understand the nature of the industry
• Have a minimum 2.50 cumulative TCU GPA
• Apply to the Ranch Management Program
• Go through a professional interview
• Be formally admitted to the Ranch Management Program
Students will typically apply in their sophomore year for formal admission to the Ranch Management Program. Contact the Ranch Management Program regarding specific admission policies. Enrollment is limited.


Entering freshmen begin taking courses to satisfy the TCU Core Curriculum requirements, including:

Natural Sciences - 6 credit hours from the following lab science choices

BIOL 10003Contemporary Issues in Biology


GEOL 10113Understanding the Earth


ENSC 10143Contemporary Environmental Issues


Social Sciences - 3 credit hours required from the following choices

ECON 10223Introductory Microeconomics


ECON 10233Introductory Macroeconomics