2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is a non-degree, credit-bearing unit of TCU’s University Programs. It aims to help students advance rapidly toward their academic, professional and personal English language goals. Advanced-level IEP students may enroll in TCU courses for degree credit while in the noncredit certificate program. An IEP student, upon admission and matriculation to the TCU undergraduate degree program, will receive 3 hours of undergraduate degree credit for each 1 semester of IEP completed at the advanced-level with a grade of at least B. (The 3 hours credit will not be awarded as elective credits if the student receives elective credit hours for "successful completion of one academic year in a secondary or post-secondary institution in which the language of instruction is other than English" - see the ENFL section of this catalog for details. (Undergraduate candidates should see the admissions section on international students on page 10 in this catalog. Completion of the advanced-level IEP allows applicants to the undergraduate program to waive the TOEFL admission requirement.) TCU employees and family members may pay half the IEP tuition when enrolling.

An IEP student begins at his or her own level and studies intensively at least 18 hours a week. Classes are organized into teams of 15 or fewer students. Outside class, IEP students work in a computer learning lab, take standardized English exams and meet one on one with conversation partners (native English-speaking TCU students, staff or faculty who speak with the IEP student in English and sometimes in another language known by the IEP student and being studied by the partner).

IEP offers sessions during the academic semesters and during the summer each year More information is available at www.iep.tcu.edu.

Intensive English Language Courses

IELP 00412 - Advanced Intensive English I

Advanced Intensive English I

IELP 00422 - Advanced Intensive English II

Intensive English II