2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Essential Competencies

12 hours plus 6 hours Writing Emphasis

Courses in this curriculum are designed to provide a base of skills to ensure students’ abilities to communicate clearly and think analytically. Their focus is effective writing, mathematical reasoning and oral communication. The requirements and competencies are:

Requirements Competencies: TCU graduates will:
Mathematical Reasoning 3 hours     Be able to reason mathematically.
Oral Communication 3 hours Articulate thoughts clearly using appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
Written Communication 3 hours Write effectively
Written Communication 3 hours Write effectively
Writing Emphasis 6 hours Demonstrate the ability to use writing as a means for learning and communicating in a specific discipline.

Writing Emphasis courses may overlay with courses in the Human Experiences and Endeavors Curriculum; the Heritage, Mission, Vision and Values Curriculum; or with other requirements of a student’s degree program. With the exception of Writing Emphasis, no more than two courses in the Essential Competencies Curriculum may be taken from any one area as defined by course prefix.