2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Required Health Insurance

All undergraduate students carrying nine or more semester hours are required to have health insurance through either an individual/family plan or the University-offered Aetna Student Health Insurance plan. International students, regardless of classification, are required to carry the University-offered insurance as a minimum standard of coverage and are not eligible for a waiver of the insurance. Students majoring in nursing must have health and accident insurance coverage at any time they are enrolled in a clinical course regardless of the number of semester hours carried.

The plan offered by TCU is a major medical policy which provides benefits both on and off campus throughout the U.S. Detailed information about the University-offered plan can be found on the Health Center's website under insurance.

If coverage comparable to the TCU Plan is provided by a family/individual plan, the University-offered insurance may be waived online once the student has registered for classes. A waiver entered by the fall semester's deadline will remain in effect for that academic year. Failure to enter a waiver online by the specified deadline will result in the student being automatically enrolled in and billed for the University-offered Aetna student health insurance. For students entering in the spring semester, a waiver must be entered online prior to the spring semester's deadline. Deadlines and other information to elect or waive are emailed.

Although not required for graduate students or undergraduates carrying less than nine semester hours, the TCU Student Health Insurance Plan is available for students attending credit courses by specifically enrolling in the plan. Internet and television (TV) courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements that the covered student actively attends classes. The student plan is not available to TCU employees, even if they are taking classes. To specifically enroll in the University-offered plan, the “elect” choice must be entered online prior to the semester's deadline for electing or waiving.