2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Speech-Language Pathology BS

The BS with a major in speech-language pathology requires 124 semester hours as follows:

1. TCU Core Curriculum: 39 - 63 semester hours

  • Must include MATH 10043

  • Must include BIOL

  • Must include PHYS or CHEM

2. Speech-Language Pathology: 43 semester hours; must include:

COSD 10303Survey of Communication Disorders


COSD 20303Speech and Hearing Science


COSD 20324Clinical Methods in Speech-Language Pathology


COSD 20333Phonetics


COSD 20363Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Sciences and Disorders


COSD 20503Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms


COSD 30324Speech Sound Disorders


COSD 30334Language Development in Children


COSD 30343Aural Rehabilitation


COSD 30363Audiology


COSD 30373Language Disorders in Children


COSD 40300Clinical Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology I


COSD 40353Neurological Substrates of Communication and Swallowing


COSD 50300Clinical Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology II


3. Related Area Electives: 18 semester hours

  • All related area electives must be approved by the student’s academic adviser.

4. Supporting Areas: 6 semester hours

5. Electives: 7 - 19 semester hours

In addition to the academic credit distribution, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a "C" or better in all COSD courses and in MATH 10043, one biological science course, one physical science course (CHEM or PHYS) and one social/behavioral science course.
  2. Complete at least 25 hours of supervised clinical observation prior to enrolling in COSD 40300.
  3. Prior to serving as senior clinicians in a clinical setting, present satisfactory evidence of acceptable results from a criminal background check arranged by the Davies School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Background checks must be completed within the 30 days prior to the start of that academic semester.
  4. Complete 20 hours of clinical practice, in COSD 40300 and COSD 50300.
  5. Have a TCU cumulative GPA of at least 3.00, a cumulative 3.00 GPA in COSD courses, a grade of "C" or above in all COSD coursework, MATH 10043, one physical science course, one social/behavioral science course and biological sciences before enrolling in COSD 40300 and COSD 50300.
  6. Be recommended for enrollment in COSD 40300 and COSD 50300 by COSD faculty; recommendation is based on fulfillment of expectations specified in the clinic handbook and on:
  • Performance in COSD coursework;
  • Previous clinical experience and performance.

Note: This should be viewed as a pre-professional degree. Students selecting this major will need to continue studies at the graduate level in order to meet standards for licensure as a speech-language pathologist and for certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). The graduate program in speech-language pathology at TCU is accredited by the ASHA'S Council on Academic Accreditation. Admission to the program is competitive and based on applicant qualifications.

Suggested Courses for the Freshman Year Fall Semester Hours  COSD 10303 3 Written Communication 3 Natural Science 3 MATH 10043 3 Humanities 3 Total 15 Spring Semester Hours COSD 20503 3 Natural Science 3 Social Science 3 Humanities 3 Fine Arts 3 Psychology 3 Total 18