2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

College of Science & Engineering Directory

Phillip S. Hartman, Dean

J. Richard Rinewalt, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

C. Magnus L. Rittby, Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Graduate Programs

Susan Dolce, Director of Degree Certification 

Kathy Ferguson, Assistant to the Dean


GIRIDHAR R. AKKARAJU, Professor. B.S. (University of Bombay, India), 1985; Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine), 1997. Since 2002.

MATTHEW CHUMCHAL, Associate Professor and Director of the Pre-Health Professions Institute. B.S. (Southwestern University), 2001; M.S. (Texas Christian University), 2003; Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma), 2007. Since 2007.

MOLLI CRENSHAW, Instructor II. B.S. (Texas A&M University), 2005; M.S. (Texas Christian University), 2009. Since 2012.

MICHAEL CHUMLEY, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (University of Wyoming), 1987; M.S. (Ibid.), 1994; Ph.D. (University of Colorado Health Sciences Center), 2000. Since 2008.

MEREDITH CURTIS, Instructor I. B.A. (Baylor), 2001; Ph.D. (University of Washington), 2009.  Since 2015.

MARK DEMAREST, Instructor I. B.S. (California State), 1997; M.S. (California Polytechnic), 2000; Ph.D. (University of California), 2009. SINCE 2015.

RAY W. DRENNER, Professor. B.A. (University of Kansas), 1972; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1977. Since 1977.

AMANDA HALE, Associate Professor. B.S. and B.A. (Purdue University), 1995; M.S. (Ibid.), 1998; Ph.D. (University of Miami). 2004. Since 2007.

MATTHEW M. HALE, Assistant Professor. B.Sc. (Roehampton University), 2001; M.Sc. (Imperial College), 2002; Ph.D. (University of Sheffield), 2007. Since 2014.

PHILIP S. HARTMAN, Professor and Dean. B.S. (Iowa State University), 1975; Ph.D. (University of Missouri), 1979. Since 1981.

JOHN D. HORNER, Professor. B.S. (Louisiana State University), 1979; M.S. (University of New Mexico), 1983; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 1990.

MARLO JEFFRIES, Assistant Professor. B.S. University of Nebraska at Omaha, M.S. (Ibid.), 2005; Ph.D. University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2010. Since 2013.

CLARK A. JONES, Instructor II. B.S. (Texas Christian University), 1989; M.S. (Ibid.), 1992; Ph.D. (Southern Methodist University), 1997. Since 2008.

GLENN C. KROH, Associate Professor. Associate’s Degree (Pennsylvania State University), 1962; B.S. (Ibid.), 1966; M.S. (Ibid.), 1970; Ph.D. (Michigan State University), 1975. Since 1975.

LAURA LUQUE, Instructor II. B.S. (Florida International University), 1996; M.S. (University of Texas, Dallas), 2001; Ph.D. (University of Texas, Dallas), 2005.  Since 2015.

SHAUNA M. McGILLIVRAY, Associate Professor, and Associate Director Pre-Health Professions Institute. B.A. (Concordia College), 1999; Ph.D. (University of California-San Diego), 2006. Since 2009.

MIKE MISAMORE Associate Professor. B.S. (University of Wisconsin), 1989; M.S. (College of Charleston, S.C.), 1993; Ph.D. (Louisiana State University), 1998. Since 2003.

MICHAEL SAWEY, Instructor II. B.S. (Texas Wesleyan University), 1994; M.S. (Texas Christian University), 2008. Since 2008.

DIANE SNOW, Professor and Dean of the Honors College. B.S. (University of Akron), 1982; M.S. (Ibid.), 1985; Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University), 1990. Since 2016.

MIKAELA STEWART, Assistant Professor. B.S. (University of Central Arkansas), 2007; Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), 2013. Since 2017.

STEPHANIE WALLACE, Instructor. B.S. (University of Texas at Arlington), 2006; M.S. (Texas Christian University), 2009; Since 2013.

DEAN WILLIAMS, Associate Professor. B.A. (Coe College), 1988; M.S. (University of Alabama at Huntsville), 1991; Ph.D. (Purdue University), 2000. Since 2007.

Chemistry & Biochemistry

ONOFRIO ANNUNZIATA, Professor. M.S. (University of Naples), 1997; Ph.D. (Texas Christian University), 2001. Since 2004.

JEFFERY L. COFFER, Professor. B.S. (Wofford College), 1982; M.S. (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), 1985; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 1990.

SERGEI V. DZYUBA, Professor. Diploma in Chemistry (Odessa State University), 1998; Ph.D. (Texas Tech University), 2002. Since 2006.

JULIE A. FRY, Instructor. B.S. (Rice University), 1989; Ph.D. (Texas Christian University), 2011. Since 2009.

KAYLA N. GREEN, Associate Professor. B.S. (Tarleton State University), 2003; Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), 2007. Since 2010.

BENJAMIN JANESKO, Associate Professor. B.S. (Allegheny College), 1999; Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon University), 2005. Since 2009.

DAVID E. MINTER, Professor. B.S. (Stephen F. Austin State University), 1968; M.S. (Ibid.), 1970; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 1974. Since 1980.

JEAN-LUC G. MONTCHAMP, Professor. Diploma of Engineering in Chemistry (School of Industrial Chemistry, France), 1989; Ph.D. (Purdue University), 1992. Since 1998.

ROBERT H. NEILSON, Professor. B.S. (Carnegie Mellon University), 1969; Ph.D. (Duke University), 1973. Since 1978.

YOUGHA RYU, Associate Professor. B.S. (Postech University, Korea), 1991; Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), 2004. Since 2007.

BEN SHERMAN, Assistant Professor. B.S. (University of Michigan), 2008; Ph.D. (Arizona State University), 2013. Since 2017.

ERIC E. SIMANEK, Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department. B.S. (University of Illinois), 1991; Ph.D. (Harvard University), 1996. Since 2010.

Computer Science

JAMES R. COMER, Associate Professor. B.S. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1971; M.S. (Ibid.), 1972; Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), 1979. Since 1981.

BILLY J. FARMER, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice. B.S. (Howard Payne University), 1979; M.S. (East Texas State University), 1995. Since 2002.

LIRAN MA, Associate Professor. B.S.E.E. (Hunan University), 1999; M.S. (Beijing Jiaotong University), 2003; D.Sc. (George Washington University), 2008. Since 2010.

BO MEI, Assistant Professor. B.E. (Beijing Institute of Technology), 2010; M.S. (Purdue University), 2011; M.S. (George Washington University), 2013; D.S. (George Washington University), 2018. Since 2018.

BONNIE E. MELHART, Associate Professor and Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. B.A. (Wright State University), 1972; M.S. (Southern Illinois University), 1974; M.S. (University of California, Irvine), 1988; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1990. Since 1990.

L. DONNELL PAYNE, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (Sam Houston State University), 1973; M.S. (Ibid.), 1976; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1988. Since 1988.

J. RICHARD RINEWALT, Associate Professor and Associate Dean. B.S.E.E. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1969; M.S.E.E. (Ibid.), 1971; Ph.D. (University of Illinois), 1976. Since 1986.

ANTONIO SANCHEZ-AGUILAR, Associate Professor. B.S. (Universidad Iberoamericana), 1975; M.S. (George Washington University), 1977; D.Sc. (Ibid.), 1983. Since 2005.

MICHAEL C. SCHERGER, Associate Professor. B.S. (University of Akron), 1991; B.S. (Ibid.), 1992; M.S. (Kent State University), 1995; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2005. Since 2012.

BINYANG WIE, Assistant Professor. B.E. (Ocean University of China), 2010; Ph.D. (University of Alabama) 2015. Since 2018.


BECKY B. BITTLE, Associate Professor of Professional Practice. B.S. (Oklahoma State University), 1980; M.S. (Purdue University), 1983; Ph.D. (Iowa State University) 1994. Since 1998.

ROBERT R. BITTLE, Associate Professor. B.S. (Oklahoma State University), 1980; M.S. (Purdue University), 1983; Ph.D. (Iowa State University), 1994. Professional Engineer-Texas. Since 1994.

RENE E. COTE, Lecturer, B.S. (Providence College), 1958, M.S (Williams College), 1964, Since 2004.

JOHN R. FANCHI, Matthews Professor of Petroleum Engineering. B.S. (University of Denver), 1974; M.S. (University of Mississippi), 1975; Ph.D. (University of Houston), 1977. Since 2009.

CUILING (SUE) GONG, Associate Professor. B.S. (Tsinghua University), 1990; M.S., (University of Minnesota), 1993; M. S. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), 1996; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1999. Since 2011.

MICHAEL W. HARVILLE, Professor of Professional Practice. B.S. (Texas A&M University), 1983; M.S. (University of Texas-Austin), 1988; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1993. Since 2016.

MORGAN KIANI, Associate Professor. B.S. (University of Texas at Arlington), 2005; M.S., (Ibid.), 2006; Ph.D., (Ibid.), 2009. Since 2011.

EFSTATHIOS E. MICHAELIDES, Moncrief Professor of Engineering. B.A. (Oxford University, 1977); M.S. (Brown University, 1979); Ph.D. (Ibid.) 1980; M.A. (Oxford University), 1983. Professional Engineer - Texas and Louisiana. Since 2011.

WILLIAM B. ROSE, Lecturer, B.B.A. (Texas Tech University), 1976; M.B.A. (University of Dallas), 1983; Ph.D. (University of North Texas), 1988. Since 2006.

TRISTAN J. TAYAG, Professor. B.S.E.E. (Johns Hopkins University), 1986; M.S.E.E. (Ibid.); 1987; Ph.D. (University of Virginia), 1991. Since 1997.

R. STEPHEN WEIS, Professor. B.S.E.E. (U. S. Naval Academy), 1979; M.S. (Georgia Institute of Technology), 1984; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 1992. Professional Engineer-Texas.

WALTON E. WILLIAMSON, JR. Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S.M.E. (Stanford University), 1966; M.S.A.E. (University of Texas at Austin), 1967; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1970. Since 1999.

Environmental Science

KRISTI A. ARGENBRIGHT, Instructor. B.S. (Texas Christian University), 2001; M.S. (Ibid.), 2003. Since 2013.

VICTORIA J. BENNETT, Assistant Professor. B.S. (University of Leeds), 1997; M.S. (Ibid.), 1998; Ph.D. (ibid), 2004. Since 2013.

BECKY JOHNSON, Professor of Professional Practice. M.S. (Texas Christian University), 1996. Since 2007.

RHIANNON G. MAYNE, Associate Professor and Curator of the Oscar and Juanita Monnig Meteoritic Collection and Chair of Meteoritics and Planetary Science. B.S. (Edinburgh University), 2002; Ph.D. (University of Tennessee), 2008. Since 2009.

MICHAEL C. SLATTERY, Professor, Director of the TCU Institute for Environmental Studies and Chair of the Department. B.A. (University of the Witwatersrand), 1988; M.S. (University of Toronto), 1990; Ph.D. (Oxford University), 1994. Since 1998.


HELGE ALSLEBEN, Associate Professor. B.S. (University of Hamburg), 1996; M.S. (San Jose State University), 2000; Ph.D. (University of Southern California), 2005. Since 2005.

ARTHUR B. BUSBEY, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (University of Texas at Austin), 1974; M.A. (Ibid.), 1977; Ph.D. (University of Chicago), 1982. Since 1985.

RICHARD A. DENNE, Professor of Professional Practice and Hunter Enis Chair of Petroleum Geology. B.S. (University of Iowa), 1985; Ph.D. (Louisiana State University), 1990. Since 2016.

R. NOWELL DONOVAN, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Charles B. Moncrief Professor. B.Sc. (Newcastle University), 1966; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1972. Since 1986.

MILT ENDERLIN, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice. B.S. (Sonoma State University), 1977; M.S. (Texas Christian University), 2010. Since 2011.

RICHARD E. HANSON, Herndon Professor. B.S. (Oklahoma State University), 1975; M.S. (Ibid.), 1977; Ph.D. (Columbia University), 1983. Since 1988.

OMAR T. HARVEY, Assistant Professor. B.S. (University of the West Indies), 2001; M.S. (University of Florida), 2004; Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), 2010, Since 2015.

JOHN HOLBROOK, Professor. B.S. (University of Kentucky), 1985, M.S. (University of New Mexico), 1992, Ph.D. (Indiana University), 1992. Since 2011.

KEN M. MORGAN, Professor and Director of the TCU Energy Institute. B.S. (Indiana University), 1973; M.S. (Arizona State University), 1976; Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin), 1978. Since 1978.

TAMIE MORGAN, Associate Professor of Professional Practice. B.S. (Rice University), 1980; M.S. (Texas Christian University), 1982. Since 2008.

XIANGYANG (CHEYENNE) XIE, Associate Professor. B.S. (Lanzhou University, China), 1998; M.S. (Northwest University, China), 2001; Ph.D. (University of Wyoming), 2007. Since 2013.


JOSÉ R. CARRIÓN, Assistant Professor. B.S. (University of Puerto Rico), 2004; Ph.D. (Purdue University), 2013. Since 2015.

AMY COUSER, Instructor I. B.S. (Texas A&M University), 1998; M.A.T. (Texas Christian University), 2001. Since 2014.

ZE-LI DOU, Associate Professor. B.A. (City University of New York, Queens College), 1987; Ph.D. (Princeton University), 1993. Since 1994.

PENG FAN, Associate Professor. B.A. (National Taiwan Normal University), 1970; M.A. (National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan), 1972; Ph.D. (Indiana University), 1980. Since 1983.

GREG FRIEDMAN, Professor. B.S. (Brown University), 1996; M.S. (New York University), 1998; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2001. Since 2005.

GEORGE T. GILBERT, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.A. (Washington University), 1979; Ph.D. (Harvard University), 1984. Since 1990.

ERIC M. HANSON, Instructor I. B.A. (Minnesota State University), 2009; Ph.D. (Colorado State University), 2015. Since 2015.

RHONDA L. HATCHER, Associate Professor. B.A. (University of Colorado), 1980; A.M. (Harvard University), 1982; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 1990.

EMILY HERZIG, Instructor I. B.A. (University of Texas at Dallas), 2008; M.S. (University of Texas at Dallas), 2010. Since 2016.

DENNIS LEDIS, Instructor I. B.S. (Florida International University), 2003; M.S. (University of Florida), 2007; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2011. Since 2014.

SCOTT NOLLET, Professor. B.S. (University of Minnesota), 1985; Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley), 1994. Since 2000.

ALLISON C. OWEN, Instructor II. B.A. (Kansas Wesleyan University), 1981; M.L.S. (Texas Women's University), 1983; M.A. (Ibid.), 1987. Since 2000.

EFTON PARK, Professor. B.S. (University of Oklahoma), 1983; Ph.D. (State University of New York, Stony Brook), 1988. Since 1992.

IGOR P. PROKHORENKOV, Associate Professor. B.S. (Moscow State University), 1991; Ph.D. (Rice University), 1997. Since 1998.

KEN RICHARDSON, Professor. B.A. (Rice University), 1986; M.A. (Ibid.), 1989; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1993. Since 1994.

LOREN SPICE, Associate Professor. B.S. (Towson University), 1998; M.S. (University of Chicago), 2000; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2004. Since 2009.

SUSAN G. STAPLES, Associate Professor. B.S. (Case Western Reserve University), 1983; Ph.D. (University of Michigan), 1988. Since 1995.

DREW TOMLIN, Instructor I. B.A. (Hendrix College), 2010; M.S. (University of North Texas), 2012; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2016. Since 2017.

FREDERICO XAVIER, John William and Helen Stubbs Potter Professor of Mathematics. B.S. (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco), 1973; M.S. (Ibid.), 1974; Ph.D. (University of Rochester), 1977. Since 2015. 

QIAO ZHANG, Associate Professor. B.S. (Shandong University), 1996; M.S. (Ibid.), 1998; Ph.D. (Columbia University), 2003. Since 2008.

Nutritional Sciences

LYN DART, Associate Professor. B.S. (Texas Woman's University), 1980; M.S. (Ibid.) 1994; Ph.D. (Ibid.) 2001. Since 2001.

REBECCA DORITY, Associate Professor of Professional Practice. B.S. (University of Maine), 1999; M.S. (Tufts University) 2001. Since 2007.

GINA J. HILL, Associate Professor. B.S. (Texas Tech University), 1998; M.S. (Ibid.), 1999; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2003. Since 2003.

SAMANTHA POWELL, Associate Professor of Professional Practice. B.S. (University of Wisconsin), 1988; M.S. (Texas Woman’s University), 1992. Since 2013.

JADA L. STEVENSON, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Texas A & M University), 2008; M.S. (Texas Tech University) 2011; Ph.D. (Ibid), 2015. Since 2015.

ANNE D. VANBEBER, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (Texas Tech University), 1979; M.S. (Texas Woman's University), 1982; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1991. Since 1992.

Physics and Astronomy

KAT A. BARGER, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Western Washington University), 2006; M.S. (University of Wisconsin at Madison), 2008; M.A. (Ibid.), 2009; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2012. Since 2014.

HANA M. DOBROVOLNY, Associate Professor. B.Sc. (University of Winnipeg), 1997; M.A. (Bryn Mawr College), 2000; Ph.D. (Duke University), 2008. Since 2012.

PETER M. FRINCHABOY III, Associate Professor. B.S. (California State University), 2000; M.S. (University of Virginia), 2002; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2006. Since 2009.

ZYGMUNT KAROL GRYCZYNSKI, W. A. "Tex" Moncrief Jr. Professor. M.S. (Gdansk University), 1982; Ph.D. (ibid.), 1987. Since 2010.

DOUGLAS INGRAM, Instructor II. B.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1990; M.Sc. (University of Washington), 199l; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1996. Since 1996.

ANTON NAUMOV, Assistant Professor. B.Sc. (University of Tennessee), 2005; Diploma in Chemical Physics (Kazan State University, Russia), 2006; M.S. (Rice University), 2008; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2011. Since 2015.

C. MAGNUS L. RITTBY, Professor and Senior Associate Dean. B.S. (University of Sussex), 1980; Ph.D. (University of Stockholm), 1985. Since 1990.

YURI M. STRZHEMECHNY, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. M.S. (Khrakov Politechnic University), 1988; Ph.D. (City University of New York), 2000. Since 2005.


ELAINE AUGUSTINE, Instructor I. BS. (Southern University), 2004; Ph.D. (Indiana University), 2009.

TIMOTHY M. BARTH, Professor and Interim Dean of Research and Graduate Studies. B.S. (St. Bonaventure University), 1979; M.S. (Wesleyan University), 1982; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 1986. Since 1990.

GARY W. BOEHM, Associate Professor. B.A. (Utah State University), 1989; M.S. (University of Connecticut), 1992; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1996. Since 1999.

ELLEN W. BROOM, Associate Professor of Professional Practice. B.A. (University of Texas at Arlington) 1992; M.Ed. (University of North Texas), 1995; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2000. Since 2011.

CASEY D. CALL, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice. B.S. (University of North Texas), 1997; M.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 1999 and 2004; M.S. (Ibid.) 2011; Ph.D. (Ibid.) 2012.

TRACY CENTANNI, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Pennsylvania State University (2008); M.S. (University of Texas-Dallas), 2011; Ph.D. (Ibid.) 2013.

BRENT GRANT COOPER, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. B.S. (University of New Mexico), 1993; Ph.D. (University of Utah). Since 2007.

CATHY R. COX, Associate Professor. B.A. (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), 2000; M.A. (Ibid.), 2004; Ph.D. (University of Missouri), 2009. Since 2009.

DAVID R. CROSS, Professor and Director of the Institute of Child Development. B.A. (University of California, Fresno), 1977; M.A. (University of Michigan), 1984; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1985. Since 1985.

NAOMI V. EKAS, Associate Professor. B.A. (University of California, Davis), 2005; M.A. (University of Notre Dame), 2007; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2009. Since 2011.

PATRICK M. FLYNN, Professor, Saul B. Sells Chair of Psychology, and Director, Institute of Behavioral Research. B.A. (Gannon University), 1972; M.A. (West Virginia College of Graduate Studies), 1975; Ph.D. (University of Miami), 1982. Since 2000.

SARAH E. HILL, Associate Professor. B.A. (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), 2000; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 2006. Since 2008.

KEVIN KNIGHT, Professor. B.A. (Southern Methodist University), 1985; M.A. (Ibid.), 1988; Ph.D. (Texas Christian University), 1991.

KENNETH J. LEISING, Associate Professor. B.S. (Texas Christian University), 2003; M.A. (UCLA), 2004; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2008. Since 2009.

CHARLES G. LORD, Professor. B.A. (University of Rhode Island), 1976; Ph.D. (Stanford University), 1980. Since 1987.

DIANA MCFARLAND, Associate Professor of Professional Practice; Coordinator, Psychology of Leadership Minor. B.S. (Phillips University), 1985; M.S. (Texas Christian University), 1992; Ph.D. (Ibid.) 1996. Since 1994.

MAURICIO R. PAPINI, Professor. Licentiate (University of Buenos Aires), 1976; Ph.D. (University of San Luis, Argentina), 1985. Since 1990.

ANNA INGEBORG PETURSDOTTIR, Assistant Professor. B.A. (University of Iceland), 1996; M.A. (Western Michigan University), 2004; Ph.D. (Ibid.). Since 2006.

GREG REPASKY, Instructor I. B.S. (Texas Christian University), 2010; M.S. (Ibid.) 2012; Ph.D. (Ibid.) 2015.

S. K. UMA TAUBER, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Augustana College), 2004; M.A. (University of Colorado), 2007; Ph.D. (Colorado State University), 2010. Since 2013.

DAVE R. WEISE, Instructor I. B.A. (Eastern Illinois University), 2003; M.A. (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs), 2006; Ph.D. (University of Arizona), 2011. Since 2013.