2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

College of Fine Arts Directory

Anne Helmreich, Dean

H. Joseph Butler, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

William Gibbons, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Carrie Conditt, Assistant to the Dean

School of Art

AMANDA ALLISON, Associate Professor, Art Education. B.A. (Louisiana State University), 1996; M.A. (Northwestern State University), 2000; Ph.D. (University of North Texas), 2008. Since 2006.

BABETTE BOHN, Professor, Art History. B.A. (Northwestern University), 1972; M.A. (Boston University), 1975; M.Phil. (Columbia University), 1978; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1982. Since 1988.

NICK BONTRAGER, Assistant Professor, New Media. B.F.A. (University of Houston), 2008; M.F.A. (The Ohio State University), 2011.  Since 2012.

FRANCES COLPITT, Professor and Deedie Potter Rose Chair in Art History. B.F.A. (University of Tulsa), 1974; M.A. (Ibid.), 1977; Ph.D. (University of Southern California), 1982. Since 2005.

LORI BOORNAZIAN DIEL, Associate Professor, Art History. B.A. (Emory University), 1992; M.A. (Tulane University), 1996, Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2002. Since 2001.

ADAM FUNG, Assistant Professor, Painting. B.F.A. (Western Washington University), 2005; M.F.A.  (University of Notre Dame), 2008. Since 2013.

JESSICA FRIPP, Assistant Professor, Art History. B.A. (UC San Diego), 2002: M.A. (Williams College), 2005; Ph.D. (University of Michigan Ann Arbor), 2012.

SUSAN HARRINGTON, Associate Professor, Painting. B.F.A. (Maryland Institute College of Art), 1972; M.A. (Purdue University), 1977; M.F.A. (University North Texas), 1984. Since 1988.

DICK LANE, Associate Professor, Photography and Director of the School of Art. B.F.A (University of Texas at Arlington), 1983; M.F.A (University of Florida), 1985. Since 1989.

RACHEL LIVEDALEN, Assistant Professor, Printmaking. B.A. (University of Virginia), 2010; M.A. (University of Iowa), 2013; M.F.A. (University of Iowa), 2014. Since 2014. 

SALLY PACKARD, Associate Professor, Painting. B.A. (Regent’s College, State University of New York), M.F.A. (Texas Christian University), 1997. Since 2011.

CHRIS POWELL, Assistant Professor, Ceramics. B.F.A. (Abilene Christian University), 1980; M.F.A (Bradley University), 1983. Since 1984.

EDITH JANE RILEY, Visual Resources Librarian. B.F.A. (Stephen F. Austin State University), 1974; M.A. (Southern Methodist University), 1983. Since 1983.

CAMERON SCHOEPP, Associate Professor, Sculpture. B.F.A. (Pacific Lutheran University), 1984; M.F.A. (Texas Christian University), 1987. Since 2003.

LUTHER A. SMITH, JR., Professor, Photography. B.A. (University of Illinois), 1972; M.F.A. (Rhode Island School of Design), 1974. Since 1983.

MARK THISTLETHWAITE, Professor and Kay and Velma Kimbell Chair of Art History. B.A. (University of California, Santa Barbara), 1970; M.A. (Ibid.), 1972; Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), 1977. Since 1977.

School for Classical & Contemporary Dance

LI-CHOU CHENG, Professor of Professional Practice and Ballet Master in Residence. Former ballet master and soloist for the Beijing Central Ballet and principal teacher for the Boston Ballet. Since 1990.

ROMA FLOWERS, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice and Dance Lighting Designer. B.F.A. (Goodman School of Drama, DePaul University), 1983. Since 2005.

ELIZABETH GILLASPY, Professor and Interim Director of the SCCD. B.B.A. (Texas Tech University), 1985. M.F.A. (Texas Christian University), 1991. Secondary Certification-Dance (Ibid.), 1995. Since 1990.

SUKI JOHN, Associate Professor. B.F.A. (University of New Mexico), 1980; M.A. (New York University), 1991; Ph.D. (University of Connecticut), 2007. Since 2007.

CATHLEEN MARTIN, Associate Professor. B.A. (Empire State College, State University of New York), 2006; M.F.A. (Texas Woman's University), 2008; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2013. Since 2008.

SUSAN DOUGLAS ROBERTS, Professor. B.A. (Texas Christian University), 1979; B.F.A. (Ibid.), 1980; M.F.A. (University of Illinois), 1983. Since 1984.

JESSICA ZELLER, Assistant Professor. B.S. (Butler University), 2000, M.F.A. (Ohio State University), 2008, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University), 2012. Since 2012.

Graphic Design

JAN BALLARD, Instructor, Graphic Design. B.F.A. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), 1983.

YVONNE CAO, Assistant Professor, Visual Communication. B.A. (Hunan Normal University), 2009; Exchange Program (Middle Tennessee State University), 2008; M.F.A. (Louisiana State University), 2012. Since 2014.

DUSTY CROCKER, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Graphic Design. B.F.A. (Texas Christian University), 1982; M.A. (Syracuse University), 1999; Ph.D. (Capella University), 2008. Since 2007.

LEWIS A. GLASER, Professor and Chair of Graphic Design. B.A. (Western Michigan University), 1977; M.F.A. (Syracuse University), 1988. Since 1987.

Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising

STEPHANIE BAILEY, Instructor II, Fashion Merchandising, B.S. (Texas Christian University), 1994; M.A. (Texas Woman's University), 2000. Since 2009.

JULIENNE BALLANTYNE, Instructor II, Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design. D.A. (Glasgow School of Art), 1974; M.F.A. (Texas Christian University), 1976. Since 2005.

JANACE E. BUBONIA, Professor, Fashion Merchandising and Chair of the Department. B.S (State University of New York at Oneonta), 1991; M.A. (Texas Woman's University), 1994; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1998. Since 2000.

SALLY L. FORTENBERRY, Associate Professor, Fashion Merchandising. B.S. (Carson-Newman College), 1980; M.S. (Texas Woman's University), 1981; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1985. Since 1989.

ALYSSA HUMPHRIES, Assistant Professor, Interior Design. B.F.A. (Baylor University), 2004; M.F.A. (Parsons The New School for Design) 2007. Since 2015.

ALBERT MARICHAL, Assistant Professor, Interior Design. B.S. (University of Houston), 1996; B.Arch (University of Houston) 1996; M.S, (Columbia University) 1997; M.Arch (Harvard) 1999. Since 2015.

GAYLA JETT SHANNON, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Interior Design. B.F.A. (Texas Tech University); M.Arch. (University of Texas at Arlington). Since 2010.

SHWETA REDDY, Associate Professor, Fashion Merchandising. B.B.A. (Madras University, India), 2001; M.Sc. (Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom), 2004; Ph.D. (Oregon State University), 2008. Since 2008.

AMY ROEHL, Associate Professor, Interior Design. B.S. (Miami University), 1992; M.F.A. (The Art Institute of Chicago), 1996. Since 2007.

JAY SANG RYU, Assistant Professor, Fashion Merchandising. B.S. (Philadelphia University), 1994; M.S. (University of North Texas), 1996; Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University), 2010. Since 2014

PATRICIA T. WARRINGTON, Associate Professor, Fashion Merchandising. B.A. (Texas Christian University), 1975; M.B.A. (Ibid.), 1984; Ph.D. (University of Arizona), 2002. Since 2006.

School of Music

ELISABETH ADKINS, Professor of Violin. B.M. (University of North Texas); M.M.A. (Yale University); M.M. (Yale University); D.M.A. (Yale University). Since 2014.

SHEILA M. ALLEN, Professor of Voice. B.M. (Oberlin Conservatory), 1966; M.M. (Eastman School of Music at Rochester), 1967; D.M.A. (Ibid.), 1974. Since 1985.

NEIL ANDERSON-HIMMELSPACH, Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Music Theory/Composition. A.A. (Pierce College), 1997; B.M. (Pacific Lutheran University), 1999; M.M. (Central Michigan University), 2006; D.M.A. (Florida State University), 2009. Since 2015.

CHRISTOPHER ASPAAS, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities. B.M. (St. Olaf College), 1995; M.M. (Michigan State University), 1997; PhD (Florida State University), 2004. Since 2015.

SEAN ATKINSON, Assistant Professor of Music Theory. B.M. (Furman University), 2004; M.M. (Florida State University), 2006; PhD (Florida State University), 2009. Since 2014.

DAVID BEGNOCHE, Associate Professor of Trombone. B.M. (New England Conservatory), 1990; M.M. (Manhattan School of Music), 1995; D.M.A. (University of North Texas), 2014. Since 2009.

MARTIN BLESSINGER, Associate Professor of Music (Theory/Composition). B.A. (State University of New York at Stony Brook), 2000; M.A. (Ibid.), 2003; D.M. (Florida State University), 2006. Since 2007.

J. DAVID BROCK, Associate Professor of Voice. B.A. (Abilene Christian University), 1974; M.M. (New England Conservatory of Music), 1978. Since 2002.

JON BURGESS, Associate Professor of Trumpet. B.M. (University of Illinois), 1978; M.M. (University of Kansas), 1980; D.M.A. (University of Arizona), 1988. Since 2000.

H. JOSEPH BUTLER, Professor, University Organist, Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Studies. B.A. (Bowdoin College), 1976; M.M. (New England Conservatory), 1978; D.M.A. (Eastman School of Music), 1985. Since 1996.

JOEY CARTER, Instructor in Percussion, Music Theory, Jazz Studies. B.M.E. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1991; M.M. (Texas Christian University), 2000.

JESÚS CASTRO-BALBI, Professor of Cello. B.M. (Conservatoire National Supérieur, Lyon, France) 1995; Artist Diploma (Indiana University at Bloomington), 1997; M.M. (Yale University School of Music), 1999; D.M.A. (The Juilliard School), 2004. Since 2003.

STUART G. CHENEY, Associate Professor of Music (Musicology). B.M. (University of North Texas), 1985; M.M. (University of North Texas), 1989; Ph.D. (University of Maryland), 2002. Since 2009.

LORI CHRIST, Director of Music Preparatory Program and Instructor in Piano Pedagogy. B.M. (Wells College); M.M. (Texas Christian University). Since 1985.

PAUL CORTESE, Assistant Director for Operations. B.M. (Syracuse University), 1989; M.M. (New England Conservatory), 1992. Since 2005.

JOSEPEH ECKERT, Professor of Music (Saxophone). B.M. (Baldwin-Wallace College), 1977; M.M. (University of North Texas), 1981. Since 2007.

RICHARD ESTES, Associate Professor. B.M. (Stetson University School of Music), 1970; M.M. (Catholic University), 1974. Since 1992.

BLAISE J. FERRANDINO, Professor of Music Theory and Composition. B.M. (Ithaca College), 1980; M.M. (Syracuse University), 1982; D.M.A. (University of Hartford), 1990. Since 1990.

BOBBY R. FRANCIS, Professor of Music and Director of Bands. B.M.E. (Commerce), 1981; M.M.E. (Commerce), 1989. Since 2000.

MATTHEW R. GARRETT, Assistant Professor of Music and Assistant Director of Bands B.A. (Texas Tech University), 2000; M.M. (Texas Christian University), 2004. Since 2015.

DAVID GATELY, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice and Director of Opera Studio B.A. (Oberlin College), 1975. Since 2015.

MISHA GALAGANOV, Associate Professor of Viola. B.M. (Jerusalem), 1994; Artist Certificate (Southern Methodist University), 1996; M.M. (Rice University), 1998; D.M.A. (Ibid.), 2003. Since 2000.

WILLIAM GIBBONS, Assistant Professor of Musicology. B.A. (Emory & Henry College), 2003; M.M. (University of North Carolina), 2006; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2010. Since 2011.

ANN M. GIPSON, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Music and Director of Piano Pedagogy. B.M. (Eastern Illinois University), 1982; M.M. (University of Oklahoma), 1985; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1992. Since 2005.

RICHARD C. GIPSON, Director and Professor of Music. A.A. (Del Mar College), 1969; B.M. (University of Texas at Austin), 1971; M.M. (Ibid.), 1973; D.Ed/Music Education (Pennsylvania State University), 1978. Since 2002.

GERMÁN AUGUSTO GUTIÉRREZ, Professor/Director of Orchestral Studies and Director of the Center for Latin American Music. Maestro en Musica (Tolima Conservatory), 1978; M.M. (University of Illinois), 1991; D.A. (University of Northern Colorado), 1997. Since 1996.

SAN-KY KIM, Associate Professor of Voice. B.A. (Australian National University), 1988; B.M. (Canberra Institute of the Arts, Australia), 1988; M.M. (Curtis Institute of Music), 1991; Professional Studies Diploma (Temple University), 1992; D.M.A. (Ibid.), 2004. Since 2005.

YUAN XIONG LU, Associate Professor of Double Bass. B.M. (Shanghai Conservatory); M.M. (University of Texas at Austin). Since 2008.

HAROLD MARTINA, Professor of Professional Practice in Music and Pianist-in-Residence Institute of Fine Arts (Medellin, Columbia); Academy of Music (Vienna, Austria). Since 1999.

TILL MACIVOR MEYN, Associate Professor of Music Education. B.A. (University of California, San Diego), 1993; M.M. (Indiana University), 1996; D.M.A. (University of Southern California), 2000. Since 2007.

SHERI NEILL, Associate Professor of Music Education. B.M.E. (Texas Tech), 1970; M.Ed. (Stephen F. Austin University), 1983; Ph.D. (University of Missouri at Kansas City), 1998. Since 2001.

JOHN OWINGS, Herndon Professor of Piano. B.M. (University of Texas at Austin), 1965; M.S. (Juilliard School), 1970. Since 1990.

JANET W. PUMMILL, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Music and Coordinator of Accompanying. B.M. (University of North Texas), 1964; M.M. (University of Illinois), 1968. Since 1992.

KRISTEN QUEEN, Assistant Director for Academic Programs and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Professional Practice. B.M. (University of Oklahoma), 2004; M.M. (Northwestern University), 2006. Since 2006.

SHAUNA THOMPSON, Assistant Professor of Flute. B.M. (Texas Tech University), 2008; M.M. (University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music), 2010; D.M.A. (University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music), 2012. Since 2013.

TAMÁS UNGÁR, Professor of Piano. A.Mus.A., L.Mus.A. (Sydney Conservatorium, Australia), 1965; D.M. (Indiana University), 1983. Since 1978.

TIMOTHY D. WATKINS, Associate Professor of Music (Musicology and Ethnomusicology). B.M. (Samford University), 1987; M.M. (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), 1990; M.M. (Florida State University), 1993; Ph.D. (Florida State University), 2001. Since 2009.

BRIAN WEST, Professor of Percussion. B.M.E. (University of North Texas), 1992; M.A. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), 1994; D.M.A. (University of Oklahoma), 2003. Since 2001.

GARY WHITMAN, Professor of Woodwinds. B.M.E. (University of North Texas), 1976; M.M.E. (Ibid.), 1978. Since 1989.

ANGELA TURNER WILSON, Assistant Professor of Voice. B.M. (Abilene Christian University), 1991; B.M. (University of Mississippi), 1994; M.M. (New England Conservatory), 1996; A.C. (Southern Methodist University), 1996. Since 2009.

BRIAN YOUNGBLOOD, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Music and Associate Director of Bands. B.M.E. (Abilene Christian University), 1987; M.M. (East Texas State University), 1992. Since 1999.


MICHELE ALFORD, Costume Studio Supervisor. B.F.A. (University of North Texas), 1995. Since 2002.

BRIAN CLINNIN, Associate Professor. B.F.A. (University of Kansas), 1992; M.F.A. (Ibid.), 2004. Since 2008.

TRISTAN DECKER, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice. B.A. (University of Dallas), 1996; M. A. (Texas Woman’s University), 2009.  Since 2012.

JENNIFER ENGLER, Associate Professor. B.F.A. (Emporia State University), 1995; M.F.A. (Michigan State University), 1998. Since 2003.

MICHAEL HEIL, Associate Professor. A.B. (Xavier University), 1974; M.F.A. (Schiller International University), 1980; M.F.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1992. Since 2008.

MURELL HORTON, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Ottawa University), 1989; M.F.A. (Rutgers University), 1993. Since 2015.

ROBERT MICHAEL JAMES, Instructor. B.A. (University of Oklahoma), 1975; M.F.A. (Minnesota State University, Mankato), 2011. Since 2012

LaLONNIE LEHMAN, Professor. B.A. (Texas Christian University), 1972; M.A. (Ibid.), 1975. Since 1972.

PENNY MAAS, Assistant Professor. B.F.A. (Illinois Wesleyan University), 1987; M.F.A. (Virginia Commonwealth University), 2012. Since 2012.

HARRY PARKER, Professor and Chair of the Department. B.F.A. (Texas Christian University), 1980; M.A. (University of Kansas), 1982; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1992. Since 2003.

KRISTA SCOTT, Associate Professor. B.F.A. (Emporia State University), 1983; M.F.A. (University of Minnesota), 1990. Since 2009.

ALAN SHORTER, Associate Professor. B.A. (Indiana University), 1978; M.F.A. (Minnesota State University at Mankato), 2001. Since 2006.

MICHAEL SKINNER, Associate Professor. B.A. (West Texas State University) 1990; M.F.A. (University of Oklahoma), 1993. Since 1993.

THOMAS J. WALSH, Professor. B.A. (San Diego State University), 1979; M.F.A. (University of Texas at Austin), 1982; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1996. Since 1999.

CHRIS WILLMER, Production Technician. B.A. (Texas Wesleyan University), 2016. Since 2016.

PHILIP ZIELKE, Scenic Studio Supervisor. B.F.A. (Texas Christian University), 2006. Since 2006.