2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

College of Education Directory

Mary Patton, Dean

Jan Lacina, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Cynthia Savage, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Jeannie Bosillo, Assistant to the Dean

Shannon Cooper, Academic Advisor

Heather Doyle, Director of Accreditation, Certification and Assessment

Michael Faggella-Luby, Director of Alice Neeley Special Education Research and Service (ANSERS) Institute 

Marla McGhee, Director of Center for Urban Education

Karrabi Malin, Director of Student Teaching and Community Partnerships

Marilyn Tolbert, Director of Laboratory Schools

Molly Weinburgh, Director of the Andrews Institute of Mathematics and Science Education

CURBY ALEXANDER, Associate Professor Professional Practice. B.S. (Utah State University), 1985; M.A. (Colorado State University), 2001; Ph.D. (University of Virginia), 2009. Since 2012.

SUSAN E. ANDERSON, Associate Professor. B.S.Ed. (University of Virginia), 1983; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 1986; Ed.D. (Ibid.), 1992. Since 1992.

ERIN ATWOOD, Associate Professor. B.S.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 2000; M.A. (University of Texas), 2005; Ph.D. (University of Texas), 2011. Since 2017.

MICHELLE BAUML, Associate Professor. B.S. (Texas A&M, College Station), 1992; M.Ed. (University of St. Thomas), 2004; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 2010. Since 2010.

VICTOR J. BOSCHINI JR., Professor and Chancellor. B.A. (Mount Union College), 1978; M.A. (Bowling Green University), 1979; Ed.D. (Indiana University), 1989. Since 2003.

LINDY CRAWFORD, Professor, Ann Jones Endowed Chair in Special Education. B.A. (Western Washington University), 1988; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 1994; Ph.D. (University of Oregon), 2000. Since 2010.

AMBER ESPING, Associate Professor. B.M. (California State University), 1996; M.S. (Indiana University), 2007; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2008. Since 2008.

MICHAEL FAGGELLA-LUBY, Associate Professor. B.A. (College of the Holy Cross), 1998; M.Ed. (University of Notre Dame), 2000; Ph.D. (University of Kansas), 2006. Since 2013.

SARAH QUEBEC FUENTES, Associate Professor. B.A. (Boston College), 1995; M.S.T. (Ibid.), 1997; Ed.D. (Montclair State University), 2009. Since 2009.

ROBIN GRIFFITH, Associate Professor. B.S. (Texas Tech University), 1994; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 1998, Ph.D. (Ibid.), 2006. Since 2011.

HAYAT HOKAYEM, Associate Professor. B.S. (American University of Beirut), 1996; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 2006; Ph.D. (Michigan State University), 2012. Since 2012.

M. FRANCYNE HUCKABY, Professor. B.A. (Austin College), 1989; M.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 1996; Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), 2005. Since 2004.

GABRIEL HUDDLESTON, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Denison University), 1999; M.S. (Indiana University), 2009; Ph.D. (Indiana University), 2014. Since 2015.

JO BETH JIMERSON, Associate Professor. B.A. (Texas State University), 1995; M.Ed. (Trinity University), 1999; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 2011. Since 2011.

MELODY JOHNSON, Scholar in Residence. B.S. (Phillips University), 1975; M.Ed. (Texas Woman's University), 1981; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 1990. Since 2011.

KATHLEEN KYZAR,  Assistant Professor. B.S. (Texas Christian University), 1999; M.A. (Gallaudet University), 2001; Ph.D. (University of Kansas), 2010. Since 2015.

JAN LACINA, Professor and Associate Dean. B.S. (Baylor University), 1993; M.Ed. (Texas Woman's University), 1996; Ph.D. (University of Kansas), 1999. Since 2005.

ENDIA LINDO, Assistant Professor. B.S.S. (Northwestern University), 1998; M.Ed. (Valderbilt University), 2000; Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University), 2007. Since 2017.

MARLA W. McGHEE, Associate Professor. B.M.Ed. (Texas Tech University), 1978; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 1981; Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin), 1992. Since 2011.

KARRABI MALIN, Director of Student Teaching and Community Partnerships. B.A. (Lyon College), 1992; M.Ed. (Texas Weslyan), 1996. Since 2014

DONALD B. MILLS, Distinguished Professor. A.B. (Harvard University), 1968; M.Div. (Texas Christian University), 1972; Ed.D. (University of North Texas), 1985. Since 1969.

STEFFEN PALKO,Associate Professor Professional Practice. B.W.E.E. (University of Texas at El Paso), 1971; Ed.D. (Texas Christian University), 2009. Since 2009.

MARY M. PATTON, Associate Professor and Dean. B.S. (University of Texas), 1971; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 1973; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1990. Since 1994.

STEVE PRZYMUS, Assistant Professor. B.S.Ed. (University of South Dakota), 1996; M.A. (University of Northern Iowa), 2008; Ph.D. (University of Arizona), 2016. Since 2016.

BRANDY QUINN, Assistant Professor. B.A. (Whittier College), 1998; M.A. (Loyola Marymount University), 2003; M.Ed. (California Lutheran University), 2005; Ph.D. (Stanford University), 2013. Since 2013.

CYNTHIA SAVAGE, Associate Professor of Professional Practice and Associate Dean. B.S. (Oklahoma State University), 1990; M.Ed. (University of Arkansas), 1992; Ph.D. (University of North Texas), 2007. Since 2006.

JENNIFER SMITH, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice. B.S.Ed. (Miami University), 2000; M.Ed. (Weber State University), 2005; Ph.D. (Texas Woman’s University) 2014. Since 2017

MARCELLA STARK, Associate Professor. B.A. (Texas A&M), 1991; M.Ed. (University of North Texas); 1993; Ph.D. (Sam Houston State University), 2010. Since 2012.

KATHLEEN STRICKLAND-COHEN, Assistant Professor.  B.A. (University of North Texas), 1997; M.S. (University of North Texas), 2004; Ph.D. (University of Oregon), 2012.  Since 2015

J. MATTHEW SWITZER, Associate Professor. B.S. (Indiana State), 1989; M.A. (University of Northern Colorado), 2007; Ph.D. (University of Missouri), 2011. Since 2011.

ELIZABETH R. TAYLOR, Associate Professor. B.S. (Abilene Christian University), 1975; M.A. (Sul Ross State University), 1979; Ph.D. (St. Mary's University), 1993. Since 1998.

FRANK N. THOMAS, Professor. B.S. (University of South Dakota), 1975; M.Div. (North American Baptist Seminary) 1980; Ph.D. (Texas Tech University), 1988. Since 2005.

MOLLY WEINBURGH, Professor. B.A. (Agnes Scott College), 1974; M.A.T. (Emory University), 1980; Ph.D. (Ibid.), 1993. Since 2002.

Laboratory Schools

KRISTEN ADAMS, Assistant Director. B.A. (Trinity University), 1994; M.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 2003; Ed.D. (Ibid) 2018. Since 2003.

SHELLEY F. COCHRAN, Instructor. B.S.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 1976; M.Ed. (Texas Woman’s University), 1979. Since 2003.

ROBIN N. DAVIS, Instructor. B.F.A. (University of Texas, Arlington), 1974; B.S.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 1976; M.Ed. (University of North Texas), 1979. Since 1984.

NEELY DOUGLAS, Instructor. B.S.Ed (Texas Christian University), 2009; M.Ed. (Ibid.), 2011. Since 2011.

JULIE HULCE, Instructor. B.F.A. (Texas Christian University), 1991. Since 2015.

KAITLIN KOUNTZ, Instructor. B.S. (Texas A&M), 2012; M.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 2014. Since 2016.

LISA MAY, Instructor. B.S. (Texas Woman's University), 1995; M.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 2004. Since 2011.

ELIZABETH MIDDLETON, Instructor. B.S. (Texas A&M, College Station), 2003. Since 2008.

KIMBERLY PAYNE, Assistant Director of Laboratory Schools. B.S.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 1979; M.Ed (Ibid.), 1981. Since 1996.

MADELINE KING THOMAS, Instructor. B.S.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 1976; M.Ed. (Texas Woman's University), 1979. Since 1985.

MARILYN S. TOLBERT, Director of Laboratory Schools. B.S.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 1996; M.Ed. (Ibid.),2000; Ed.D. (Ibid.), 2010. Since 2003.

AMANDA YOUNG, Instructor. B.S. (Texas Christian University), 2009. Since 2010.

TRiO Programs

ROBIN MELTON, Director of Ronald E. McNair Program. B.A. (University of Texas at Arlington), 1985. Since 2010.

CYNTHIA MONTES, Director of Student Support Services. B.A. (Texas Christian University), 2005; M.Ed. (Texas Christian University), 2011. Since 2007.