2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

NTDT 30993 A Global Perspective in Food Insecurity

Corequisite: SOWO 30953. A Global Perspective of Food Insecurity provides students with opportunities to actively engage in critical thinking and problem-solving regarding various food and nutrition issues that affect the global community. With a focus on a study abroad experience in Seville, Spain, students will explore the incidence of food insecurity on a local level (Fort Worth, TX) and the global stage (Seville, Spain), utilizing comparisons and contrasts to make informed judgments. Students will experience cultural immersion by living with local host families and participating in Spanish language classes and cultural activities at the Giralda Center Spanish House in Seville, Spain. Hands-on service-learning will take place at non-profit community social service agencies. Lectures, assigned readings, field trips, guest speakers, threaded discussions, cultural events are included to expand the global awareness and to develop global responsibility of students. The course is open to all majors and taken concurrently with SOWO 30593; Fluency in Spanish is NOT required.