2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Psychology Outreach Program

The Psychology Outreach Program is designed to afford qualified students the opportunity to participate in psychology-related internships in local community settings.

The major goal of the outreach program is to increase student awareness of professional psychology by allowing students to engage in activities similar to those of a counseling or clinical psychologist. Many psychology majors are interested in becoming helping professionals, and it is the department’s belief that these students can make more informed decisions about their careers if they have experienced these professional activities firsthand.

A second goal of the outreach program is to help students build their resumes through professionally related internship experiences. In this way, they cannot only include the fieldwork experience on their resumes, but they also have the opportunity to earn letters of recommendation from off-campus professionals.

The Department of Psychology’s fieldwork experience consists of a two-semester sequence, Introduction to Field Work (PSYC 40260), taken in the fall semester, and Advanced Field Work (PSYC 40290) taken in the following spring semester.