2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog


School for Classical & Contemporary Dance

The School for Classical & Contemporary Dance offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree with a major in ballet, modern dance, and ballet and modern dance. An audition is required for entrance into any of the BFA degree programs. Contact the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance at TCU for audition information.

The School for Classical & Contemporary Dance’s mission is to develop educated dance artists who are prepared to become professionals and leaders in the global dance community.


Departmental Policies

  1. Students majoring in ballet and/or modern dance are accepted for a one-year trial period, during which potential and progress are evaluated by the dance faculty to ascertain the feasibility of continuing toward a dance degree. With faculty approval, this trial period may be extended for up to one additional year.
  2. It is acceptable for dance majors to pursue two majors, two degrees or a minor at TCU. Students who want to earn a degree in ballet and/or modern dance while simultaneously working toward a second major. A second degree, a minor or a dance certification should expect to spend more than four years to complete the additional requirements.Some majors are not possible to combine with the BFA because of significant scheduling conflicts.
  3. All incoming dance majors are required to participate in technique placement classes at the beginning of their first semester at TCU.
  4. Students with limited technical proficiency may be required to enroll in additional coursework.
  5. A minimum 2.0 GPA in the major is required as a prerequisite to upper-division dance courses. A student whose GPA falls below this level may not enroll in upper-division dance courses until the 2.0 average has been achieved. After enrollment in upper-division dance courses, a minimum 2.0 GPA must be maintained as a prerequisite to further advanced enrollment.
  6. All dance majors will take at least one technique class daily.
  7. Students must earn a minimum of 2.5 credit hours at the highest level of technique in their major for graduation.
  8. Dance majors will adhere to policies outlined in the departmental handbook.
  9. All majors are required to audition for major productions and participate when cast and/or given a crew assignment. Once a dance major is declared at TCU, students will take .5 credit hour of Dance Production Practicum each semester. Performance and production experiences are a vital part of a dancer's training.
  10. All dance majors should maintain a level of health and wellness that enables full and consistent participation in all levels of required physical activity.
  11. Dance majors receive a letter grade for all SCCD courses with the exception of Dance Production Practicum (DANC 10300/DANC 30300) (pass/no credit).