2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

English as a Second Language Supplemental Certificate

English as Second Language (ESL) is designed for students who intend to teach learners for whom English is a second or other language. The ESL supplemental certificate may be added to a valid Texas teacher certificate, special education certificate or a vocational education certificate.

The coursework consists of 12 semester hours:

EDUC 50503Foundations of Language Acquisition


EDMS 50223Practicum in Reading and ESL


EDUC 50513Curriculum and Instruction in the Second Language Learning Classroom


EDUC 50003Diversity in American Education


In addition to the above coursework, students are required to successfully complete a student teaching experience in an approved ESL classroom. One year of successful classroom teaching experience in an approved ESL or bilingual education program may be substituted for student teaching.

EDMS 50233/EDSE 50223 is Concurrent enrollment