2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

University Programs

UNPR 10001 - Self Assessment and Career Exploration

This course provides opportunities for premajors to assess abilities, interests, values, and personality; meet with faculty from a variety of potential major and minor fields; learn about the decision-making process and factors related to choosing a major/career; (This course is only offered P/NC.)

UNPR 10110 - Special Problems

Special Problems

UNPR 30201 - Exploring Global Citizenship

Prerequisites: Students must be concurrently studying abroad. This seminar will provide study abroad students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for effective and appropriate engagement with people and issues in the world. The course provides students a framework for exploring the nature of civic differences, the need for global collaboration, and the tools for doing so. The course also prepares students for UNPR 30302, Initiatives for Global Citizenship, upon their return.

UNPR 30302 - Initiatives for Global Citizenship

Prerequisites: Students must have previously studyied abroad. This course is intended as a capstone for students to use the knowledge and skills gained during their study abroad experience as a springboard for global citizenship. The course provides students an opportunity to define their understanding of global citizenship, to explore global issues from multiple perspectives, and to consider how to take the competencies developed abroad and apply them in engagement with global issues.

UNPR 30002 - Professional Careers: Planning & Decision-making

Prerequisites: Junior status, or permission of instructor. This team-taught course is to acquaint students with decision-making skills related to career development, with emphasis on those who will enter professional sports or the performing arts. It emphasizes financial negotiations; transactions and investments; career development; and life skills and problems.

UNPR 30970 - Directed Study in University Programs

Directed Study in University Programs