2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

The Center for Academic Services

The Center for Academic Services offers services and programs to enhance the academic experience of all students at TCU during all stages of their academic careers. The center:

  • Coordinates academic advising for pre-majors (those who have not formally declared a major and have achieved fewer than 54 hours);
  • Coordinates academic advising for first-year students with declared majors in AddRan College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising (College of Fine Arts);
  • Coordinates academic advising for students during new student orientation;
  • Offers study skills assistance;
  • Provides academic resources related to study skills, time management and related concerns;
  • Conducts workshops on study skills, test taking and time management;
  • Offers a one-credit hour course (UNPR 10001) focused on self assessment, career exploration and choosing a major;
  • Assists students who want to explore career paths and learn about majors;
  • Refers students to appropriate services, departments and community agencies; and
  • Facilitates disabilities services for students meeting policy and procedure requirements. (Refer to Disabilities Policy and Procedures (p. 19).
Students who do not meet academic standards or who want to improve academic skills and performance are encouraged to visit the center.