2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Academic Load

A student must be enrolled for a minimum of six hours of graduate courses to be considered a full-time student. However, 12 or more hours are required in some programs to meet the special regulations under which some students attend; these cases will be considered individually by the department chair and the appropriate dean. A graduate student registering for a total of six semester hours during the three summer terms will be considered a full-time graduate student.

If a student has successfully completed all coursework, including thesis and dissertation hours and lacks only the thesis or dissertation completion, the student must be engaged in full-time research and enrolled for a minimum of one hour of thesis or dissertation credit during any fall or spring semester in which the student is working with his/her committee or using University facilities. A student working with the committee or using University facilities during the summer must enroll for at least one thesis or dissertation hour during one summer session. In addition, students must enroll for at least one hour of thesis or dissertation in the semester during which he/she plans to complete the thesis or dissertation and take the final oral examination.

A student holding a full-time teaching assistantship or a fellowship may have additional enrollment restrictions and requirements. A combination of coursework, research and/or teaching may be part of the assistantship/fellowship requirement. Approval by the department chair and the appropriate dean are needed in these special cases, and the student should consult with the chair and dean to be sure their academic load meets the requirements.

A graduate student doing no outside work may carry a maximum of 15 semester hours during each of the fall and spring semesters.

The University reserves the right to suspend or restrict the re-enrollment of any student who demonstrates that he/she is suffering an emotional, nervous or mental disorder or impairment that renders the student unable to profit from or contribute to the educational program of the University or that is harmful or disruptive to others.