2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Graduate Credit

Each course is assigned a five-digit number. The first digit indicates the level at which the course is offered (5 for senior and graduate; 6, 7, 8 and 9 for graduate only). The second, third, and fourth digits distinguish one course from another within the same department. The fifth digit indicates semester hour credit; when the fifth digit is zero, it is either variable credit, non-credit or the credit includes a fraction. Thus Biology 50113 is a senior and graduate- level course (first digit) for three semester hours credit (fifth digit). The three middle digits identify it as Cellular Physiology.

All credits applied to a graduate degree must be of graduate level (50000 and above); at least half of all coursework, inclusive of thesis or dissertation, must be courses with a first digit of "6" or higher.

Graduate students taking courses of "50000" rank will be evaluated differently than undergraduates, according to the course syllabus. Students in 4-1 or Accelerated Programs must enroll in the "55000" courses in order to receive graduate credit toward the master's.

In departments listing 50000-, 60000- and/or 70000-level courses, no more than 15 hours may be accrued toward the master's degree at the 50000 level. Ph.D. students must have departmental approval for 50000-level coursework. No 50000-level course may be taken for credit at TCU by an MBA student unless approved on an exception basis by the MBA academic program director.

No graduate credit is given for courses of less than 50000 rank taken at TCU. No graduate credit is given for undergraduate courses taken at TCU or elsewhere.