2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Appointment Terms

  1. An appointee must enroll as a full-time graduate student each semester and summer session during which a stipend or tuition grant is drawn. In exceptional circumstances, provisions might be made for part-time students. Otherwise, if the appointee drops courses that cause the enrollment to fall below the minimum full-time academic load, he/she will be requested to vacate the appointment.
  2. Students enrolled in a 4-1 program must have completed all requirements for the undergraduate degree in order to receive graduate financial aid.
  3. If a student's graduate work is not satisfactory, the appointment may be terminated.
  4. Recipients of awards are required to pay the fees required of all other students and any tuition not covered by the award.
  5. Assistantship duties are restricted to a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  6. Outside employment for students holding financial aid carrying stipends is discouraged. The University assumes that the student's primary obligation is toward graduate study. The program director and the dean of the appropriate school/college reserve the right to review any outside employment and require that the student modify the commitment to the outside employment or relinquish the financial aid appointment.
  7. The tuition remission grant is to be used during the duration of the appointment and may not be carried over for another term or semester.
  8. The tuition remission grant covers courses that will be credited toward the student's degree. This may include prerequisites set by the department.

Note: In general, any payment to a student in return for providing services to TCU that are not directly related to the students overall educational progress, is considered compensation for employment and is, therefore, taxable.

The paragraph above is a statement of general applicability. It is not to be construed as legal advice. Students seeking particular advice should consult with the appropriate University officials and/or seek competent professional assistance.