2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Federal and State Student Financial Aid

Financial aid, including student loans and grants are available for full and part-time students. Many of these awards are available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents only.

Applicants can file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) after October 1 of every year. Priority for some grants is given to students who complete the financial aid application process by May 1. Applying after that date will not affect the applicant's loan eligibility.

In addition to the Federal Stafford Loan Program, graduate students may be eligible for the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan, state loan or private education loans. Further information is available at www.financialaid.tcu.edu. Students are encouraged to borrow no more than is absolutely necessary to cover their educational costs.

Citizens of other countries with a qualified U.S. co-signer may be eligible for private student loans. For information on private educational loans go to www.financialaid.tcu.edu – Education Loans – Private Education Loans.

All individuals whose FAFSA is selected for verification will be required to submit appropriate tax information and other documentation as needed to confirm the accuracy of the application. Contact the graduate financial aid adviser in the Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid for additional information.

The following Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Policy (SAP) applies to graduate students receiving state or federal aid (including loans):

  • Graduate students are subject to the academic performance standards established within each academic department. Both qualitative and quantitative measurements are reviewed by the student’s academic adviser when certifying continued eligibility in the program.
  • The student is expected to complete master’s degree requirements, including thesis if required, within a period of five years from the date of the earliest credit to be counted on the degree (including transfer credit, if any). The student can contact their individual department for exceptions to this requirement.  Work for the Ph.D. must be completed within six years after the student has been admitted to candidacy and within seven years of the start of the program.  Extension of time must be applied for in writing through the chair of the major department.

Students who fail to meet these standards, due to significant extenuating circumstances may appeal for reinstatement of aid eligibility by submitting a request to the financial aid office.

TCU’s SAP policy for graduate students who receive Title IV aid is at least as strict as the standards for students enrolled in the same educational program who are not receiving Title IV aid. See https://financialaid.tcu.edu/satisfactory-academic-progress-policy-for-graduate-and-professional-students/.

All students are required to maintain certain requirements to receive federal or state financial aid. Credit hours attempted, credit hours completed and TCU GPAs are reviewed, in consultation with the appropriate academic dean, to determine whether satisfactory progress is being maintained.

Return of Federal Financial Aid

A student who withdraws from the University before the 60 percent point in the enrollment period (summer, fall or spring) may have to return a pro-rated portion of the financial aid he/she received or that TCU received on his/her behalf. Detailed information about the federal policy on the Return of Title IV Funds is available at https://financialaid.tcu.edu/withdrawals-and-return-of-funds-policy/.

Special Grants

Personal/Professional Development Grant

Eligibility: Year-round part-time students (enrolled for eight hours or less) who are at least 22 years of age by the final day of late registration may apply. Student must not exceed income limitations stated on the application. Grant may not be combined with other TCU administered aid. Good academic and financial standing at all colleges and universities attended is required. Students receiving this award must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Tandy Grant

Eligibility: Tandy Corporation employees and their lineal descendants are eligible to be considered. Employees may be part-time students. However, descendants must be full-time students.