2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Marketing and Communication

Tracy Syler-Jones, B.A., M.B.A—Vice Chancellor

Margaret Kelly, B.A.—Executive Director of Community Projects

Norma Martin, M.S.—Director of Editorial Services

Rick Waters, B.S.—Assistant Director of Editorial Services

Dee Dodson, B.A.—Senior Director of Advancement Communications

Ma'lisa Yost, B.S.—Assistant Director of Advancement Communications

Lisa Albert, B.S.—Director of Strategic Communications Management

Holly Ellman, B.S.—Assistant Director of Strategic Communications Management

Sandra Hawk Record, B.A.—Internal Strategic Communications Manager

Katherine Polenz, B.A., M.A.—Strategic Communications Management Specialist

Megan Murphey, B.A., B.S.—Strategic Communications Management Coordinator

Victor Neil, B.S.—Director of Web site Management

Elaine Tubre, B.A., M.S.—Assistant Director of Web Site Management

Jennifer Zarate, B.F.A.—Web Services Coordinator II

Amy Peterson, B.A.—New Media Specialist

Austin Price, B.A.—Social Media Specialist

Mayra Perales, B.A.—Web Services Developer

Jennifer McAlister, B.A.—Web Designer

Elizabeth Rainwater, B.S.—Director of Admission Marketing

Gorland Mar, B.F.A.—Director of Graphic Design

Liz Parks, A.A., B.A.—Assistant Director of Graphic Design

John K. Maddox, B.A.—Senior Art Director

Tracy Bristol, B.F.A.—Art Director