2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Chancellor's Cabinet

Victor J. Boschini, Jr., B.A., M.A., Ed.D.—Chancellor, Professor of Education

R. Nowell Donovan, B.Sc., Ph.D.—Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Charles B. Moncrief Chair of Geology

Yohna Chambers, B.S., M.P.P.A—Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Brian G. Gutierrez, B.B.A., M.P.A., C.P.A.—Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Kathy Cavins-Tull, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.—Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Tracy Syler-Jones, B.A., E.M.B.A.—Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communication

Donald J. Whelan, Jr., B.S., EMIB—Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

James R. Hille, B.S., M.B.A., C.F.A.—Chief Investment Officer

Bryan C. Lucas, B.B.A., M.B.A.—Chief Technology Officer

Christopher M. Del Conte, B.A., M.Ed.—Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Michael J. Marshall, B.A., M.L.A.—Chancellor’s Intern

Jean M. Mrasek, B.A., M.A.—Chief of Staff

Andrea M. Nordmann,  B.S.B.A., M.B.A.—Chief University Compliance Officer