2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Board of Trustees

An educational corporation chartered by the state of Texas on April 11, 1874, Texas Christian University is controlled by a Board of Trustees. The trustees shall consist of not less than twenty-four nor more than fifty members, at least five of whom shall be members in good standing of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The trustees nominate and elect their own members as terms expire or vacancies occur. Members serve a four-year term. The roster in June 2016:

Term Expires Annual Spring Meeting 2017

Clarence Scharbauer III, since 1990 (Chairman of the Board 2011-), Midland/Fort Worth

Lissa N. Wagner, since 1993, Midland

Billy Rosenthal, since 1997, Fort Worth

John F. Davis III, since 2001, Dallas

Ronald C. Parker, since 2001, Plano

Kenneth J. Huffman, since 2005, Fort Worth

Bruce W. Hunt, since 2009, Dallas

Duer Wagner III, since 2009, Dallas

Elliott J. Hill, since 2013, Portland, OR

Jan Tucker Scully, since 2013, Fort Worth

Term Expires Annual Spring Meeting 2018

Allie Beth Allman, since 1998, Dallas

Brenda A. Cline, since 1998, Fort Worth

Roy C. Snodgrass III, since 1998, Austin

Lou Hill Davidson, since 2002, Washington, DC

J. Roger Williams, since 2002, Fort Worth

Leanne Acuff, since 2010, Colorado Springs, CO

G. Hunter Enis, since 2010, Fort Worth

John H. Pinkerton, since 2010, Fort Worth

Edward A. Clark, since 2014, Fort Worth

Kathryn Thompson Farmer, since 2014, Fort Worth

Term Expires Annual Spring Meeting 2019

F. Howard Walsh, Jr., since 1983, Fort Worth

J. Kelly Cox, since 1990, Midland

Alan D. Friedman, since 1997, Dallas

Patricia Penrose Schieffer, since 1999, Washington, D.C.

Mark L. Johnson, since 2002, Fort Worth

Matthew K. Rose, since 2002, Fort Worth

Mary Ralph Lowe, since 2003, Fort Worth

J. Bryan King, since 2011, Fort Worth

Nancy T. Richards, since 2011, Dallas

Michael K. Berry, since 2015, Fort Worth

Joe D. Briggs, since 2015, Washington, D.C.

Kade L. Matthews, 1992-2009, since 2015, Clarendon

Term Expires Spring Meeting 2020

G. Malcolm Louden, since 1980, Fort Worth

J. Luther King, Jr., since 1992 (Chairman of the Board 2005-2011), Dallas

Roger A. Ramsey, since 1992, Houston

Joan G. Rogers, since 1996, Fort Worth

Edgar H. Schollmaier, since 1996, Fort Worth

Charlie L. Geren, since 2000, Fort Worth

Amy R. Bailey, since 2004, Fort Worth

Marcia Fuller French, since 2004, Fort Worth

Nick A. Giachino, since 2004, Wilmington, NC

Rick L Wittenbraker, since 2004, Houston

Kit Tennison Moncrief, since 2005, Fort Worth

Rafael G. Garza, since 2008, Fort Worth

Trevor D. Rees-Jones, since 2008, Dallas

Kimbell Fortson Wynne, since 2008, Fort Worth

Michael G. Wright, since 2012, Dallas

Sheryl L. Adkins-Green, since 2016, Dallas

Charlotte Scharbauer French, since 2016, Fort Worth

Richard L. Stuart II, since 2016, Weatherford

Ex Officio Members

Carl "Carlo" A. Capua Jr., president TCU National Alumni Association, since 2016, Fort Worth

Gregory B. Scheideman, representative Alumni Association, since 2014, Fort Worth

Thomas G. Sumner, representative Alumni Association, since 2016,  Houston

Emeritus Board Members

R. Denny Alexander, Fort Worth

Louis H. Barnett, Fort Worth

Eugene W. Brice, Fort Worth

Ronald W. Clinkscale, , Fort Worth

A.R. "Buddy" Dike, Fort Worth

Ben J. Fortson, Fort Worth

Kay Fortson, Fort Worth

Marvin Gearhart, Fort Worth

Spencer Hays, Nashville, TN

Ann M. Jones, Albany

J. Roger King, Fort Worth

R. Bruce LaBoon, Austin

John W. Long, Austin

Jerry J. Ray, Austin

John V. Roach, (Chairman of the Board, 1990-2005), Fort Worth

Deedie Potter Rose, Dallas

William E. Steele III, Fort Worth

Vernell Sturns, Fort Worth

Robert J. Wright, Dallas

Honorary Board Members

Anne W. Marion, Fort Worth

W.A. "Tex" Moncrief, Jr., Fort Worth

Bob L. Schieffer, Washington, DC

Officers of the Board

Chairman Clarence Scharbauer III

Vice Chairman Mark L. Johnson

Secretary Jean M. Mrasek

Treasurer Brian G. Gutierrez