2017-2018 Graduate Catalog


Raymond A. Brown, B.A., A.M.—Dean of Admission

D. James Atwood, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.—Assistant to the Dean

Candace Appleton-Kunz, B.S.—Director of Information Technology

Kristen Borneman, B.A.—Admission Counselor

Michaela Bradshaw, B.S.—Admission Counselor

April Cano, B.A.—Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions

Heath Einstein, B.A., M.P.P.—Director of Freshman Admission

Dalton Goodier, B.A.—Admission Counselor

Beatriz Gutierrez, B.A., M.Ed.—Admission Counselor

Victoria Herrera, B.A., M.L.A.—Senior Assistant Director

Margaret McCarthy, B.S.S.W.—Admission Counselor

Mike Mooneyham, B.B.A.—Associate Director

Amanda Nickerson, B.S., M.Ed.—Director of Transfer Admission

Caitlin Provost, B.S.—Regional Director of Admission, Northeast

Elizabeth Rainwater, B.S., M.B.A.—Director of Admission Marketing and Communication

Mollie Richardson, B.S.—Admission Counselor

Jill Sangl, B.S.—Regional Director of Admission, Midwest

Karen Lind Scott, B.S., M.L.A.—Director of International Admission

Allie Sevall, B.A, M.A.—Regional Director of Admission, Southern California

Sara Sorenson—Admission Counselor

John Andrew Willis, B.A., M.Ed.—Regional Director of Admission, Northern California

Marva Wood, B.S, J.D.—Director of Admission Services

John Andrew Willis, B.A.—Admission Counselor