2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

MARK 70730 Brand Management

1.5 credit hours. Prerequisite: MARK 60010 or 60011 or permission of department chair. A brand is often a company's most important asset and as such has received immense attention in recent years. This course will provide an overview about branding, and the ways that brands acquire and sustain value in the marketplace. This is a course with a decided point-of-view on the nature of brands and the skills and tasks this requires of the brand manager. We will consider brands as co-creations of consumers and marketers. If brand management is a collaborative process of meaning management, the job of the brand manager then becomes one of navigating the meaning making processes, attaining meanings that resonate therein, and to managing these meanings deftly through time so as to maximize brand value, capture opportunities, and diminish risk. Cases, as microcosm of brand management, deliver the power off real-world, applied setting and reveal concepts and frameworks that can inform management thoughts and actions.