2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

MARK 70720 New Product Development

1.5 credit hours. Prerequisite: MARK 60010 or 60011 or permission of department chair. This course provides in-depth knowledge relating to the management of product innovation and new product development strategy. New product development is considered in relation to market opportunity and competitive advantage. We will evaluate changes in competition, customer demands, and technology and their effects upon the product development process. We will employ research skills and methods relating to idea generation, prototype building and commercial production. Case studies of actual firms will be analyzed in order to examine successes and failures in the context of real product development scenarios. A managerial perspective will be taken. The primary emphasis is on understanding theoretical concepts relevant to the subject and applying them to a variety of real world marketing decision making scenarios. In keeping with current business realities, the course has both a technology and a global focus.