2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

MARK 60011 Marketing Fundamentals

Broadly speaking, this course is designed to help bridge the gap between an undergraduate experience in Marketing and graduate level course. As such, there is less emphasis on memorization of terminology and much greater emphasis on critical thinking, analytics, and decision-making This course will review some of the basic concepts, but a major emphasis will be placed on identifying and describing practical applications of key concepts. In this way, the nuances and boundaries of concepts will be identified. This is also supplemented by developing students' critical thinking skills through in-depth analysis of classic marketing decisions form a managerial perspective. This course will help students better understand the key decisions that are made in developing a marketing plan. The course will take both a managerial and analytical perspective, emphasizing a graduate level approach to these topics. The course focus is on the big picture, examining both how marketing decisions must fit with the strategic vision of the firm and within the financial objectives of the firm. In other words, a good idea is tough to sell in an organization unless it can be shown to be financially viable.